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5 Ways to Determine Effective Billboards Point For an Advertising

5 Ways to Determine Effective Billboards Point For an Advertising

17 Apr 2020

Usually, billboards are more often found on the highways of major cities. There are also various types, there are those that stand alone by using a pillar that is attached to the side of a building. At some point or area, it is commonly for us to see that there are more than two billboards and the position is jostling with each other. The size and shape are also varied, some are very large and easily notice from a distance, there is also the small size and often just passed by.

With the various variants and locations of billboards in the city, what exactly are billboards are good and effective for advertising? Because the costs required to advertise in outdoor media such as billboards are also relatively high, surely you want to advertise in strategic locations and also effective right? Relax, we share the tips for you.

1. Media Exposure

Choose the billboard point that is perpendicular to the audience’s point of view. Billboard audiences, namely the majority of road users who use vehicles, be it two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles, of course, the main focus is on the road in front of it or on the direction in which the vehicle is moving.

Based on the literature study report from ADVERTS (Assessing Vehicle Driver Disorders in Europe from Roadside Technology-base Signage), that the focus of the vehicle driver looks like in the illustration above. More to the center the focus of the driver, the more focused, and the tendency to scan the driver’s vision horizontally.

Therefore the most effective media are those that are perpendicular to the direction of view of the driver of the vehicle. Because the driver more easily and quickly recognize the object in front of him so that your ads are more likely to be seen.

2. Media Position

Pay attention to the vehicle’s traffic speed at the location you choose. Of course, you want the message on your ad to be conveyed well, isn’t it? In quiet traffic conditions, vehicle speeds tend to be faster so there is not enough time to read messages on advertisements on billboards.

Choose billboards located in locations that have the potential to slow down or even stop the vehicle. Locations such as crossroads, bottlenecks, or entrances to an area or public facility. Because usually at these locations a decrease in the rate of vehicles due to traffic lights or because of the density due to a buildup of vehicles that occur at these locations.

3. Media Size

The audience’s visibility to the advertising media becomes another determining factor for the effectiveness of the ads. The size of the media must be large enough to be seen from the optimum distance of the audience. The sharpness of normal human vision according to the Snellen chart is 20/20, meaning that the object can be seen optimum within a distance of 20 feet or 6 meters.

Choose the media size that is proportional or in accordance with the audience’s visibility. The size of the media that is large enough is certainly easier to see and attract the attention of the audience.

4. Media Visibility

In order to be seen optimally the next factor is distraction or media barrier with the audience. Pay attention to other objects around the advertising media such as buildings, trees, electricity poles, street lighting, or traffic lights. The existence of the object or object can be a visual barrier when it is in front of the billboard media.

5. Location Density

Have you ever seen the condition of a billboard like the picture below? Although almost all of the above aspects have been fulfilled, but with too many billboards at the same point, it will be difficult to deliver advertising messages. Because the audience a view of a billboard filled with another so that the information received mixed and mingled with the information of each of the media this is called visual clutter.

Because the audience’s view is filled with other billboards so the information received varies and mixed with information from each, this is called visual chaos. Scenery like this is very disturbing and reduces the aesthetics of the city, will also cause visual saturation for the audience at the location.

Now you can determine which advertisement point is effective for your campaign program. Choose the media that suits your target market and budget. For information on location points that are effective and budget friendly, please contact us.