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5 Ways to Promote Products With Billboards

5 Ways to Promote Products With Billboards

22 May 2019

Promotion is a way to increase revenue and sales results to be higher and faster than before. There are several options that can be used promotion methods ranging from a cheap price to high price promotion form. In fact, business owners are also willing to look for loans that are only intended to market products and services sold. Believed to be increasingly luxurious and sophisticated forms of promotion, the higher income that might be obtained. One of them is by using Billboard.

If you often cross major highways, often this billboard can be seen in the form of a large billboard containing images with their writing. Billboard itself is a form of advertising or marketing campaign in the outdoors or outdoor advertising. For business owners who want to use a billboard, then you should do the following tips:

1. Look for the location of placing billboards

Before you place an ad on a billboard board, what you should pay attention to is finding the right location. Do not look for billboards that are hidden or covered by tall buildings because it will make it difficult for the public to know the advertisements you make. We recommend that you have to place a promotional ad on the billboard board located in the middle or the edge of a large highway so that road users who pass can immediately see the promotional ads that you install and understand the essence of the ads that are made.

2. Write messages briefly

Although billboards are very large, you should not write more than eight words in one sentence. Why is that? Because too much writing will make consumers confused and can’t catch the message you made in that promotion. You can do a little test by asking one of your employees to read the writing for five seconds. If the employee knows and immediately understands the contents of the ad, then the writing is good.

3. Make words that are easy to remember

The name of the ad is a brief but clear information that affects the public directly. For that, you should create posts easily remembered by consumers although it was brief. Give a slogan that makes consumers remember it even if they no longer see the ad.

4. Use more images

According to psychology, the visual is always able to attract the interest and hearts of many people even always remember. Therefore, when creating ads using billboards, it would be better if you use more images than the writing so that consumers will immediately find out what products you are offering to them. give a very festive color so that every road user will immediately see it.

5. Include the telephone number and website address

To facilitate consumers to instantly know the business you are running, then try to put a bookmark identity such as phone numbers, social media as well as the official website so that when he got home, consumers can directly access it.

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