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A Classic Horror Story on Netflix Delivers Open OOH Campaign Ads

A Classic Horror Story on Netflix Delivers Open OOH Campaign Ads

4 Aug 2021

A Classic Horror Story comes into interaction and open promotion of Publicis Italy. With the message of gratitude if the horror fiction of horror stories are not present in the real world.

Netflix always seeks to present different content and innovate. It is successfully making it one of the best streaming service until now.

Through outdoor promotion is presented in an open area of the bustling passing. The aim is to attract an audience from all walks of life.

We can see a snapshot of brevity in @officialmediasamosa instagram account. Interesting enough audience and direct interaction.

A Classic Horror Story from Netflix

It became a highlight when Netflix presented an open video game to the public. Set on the edge of a busy highway.

here are impressions digitally figure of mystery using blood-red robes. With a feeling of gripping horror, the figure was big and tall.

Everyone who followed him through these figures. Like when we look in the mirror and the figure is following us, it feels like a direct interaction.

After passing through the big screen, we will be surprised by his real figure. The big tall figure in the red robe feels like it’s coming out of the screen to approach us.

A Classic Horror Story Open Promotion

Publicis Italy modernly follows digital developments well. They present an interesting and different promotion, on Netflix this time.

As well as to further introduce the latest film from Netflix of the same title. An Italian horror film that has been airing since July 14, 2021.

This story uses a mysterious figure who is in the spotlight in the video game. Then automatically people who have watched it will feel horrified and afraid.

As for the audience who have not watched it will be interested. It will automatically get new viewers who are curious about the incident.

Live Interaction

A Classic Horror Story, which is the title of a horror film from Italy, tells the story of an unusual incident. So when the video game contains a large tall figure in a cloak, it will be identical to the demon character in the film.

They made this promotion with the aim of interacting pedestrians with fictional characters directly. The media also wants that there is awareness present when they see it.

Source Video Instagram @officialmediasamosa

Gratitude because in the end fictional characters will never appear in the real world. How terrible it would be if a fictional character would come and interact with us like in the video game.

Demons that follow passers-by on the street are like real. Because his physical presence made the audience fail many times over.

Synopsis A Classic Horror Story

This Netflix horror genre film uses an inviting title. We must have thought about the story of ancient times.

But actually this story begins with four people who don’t know each other well. They join in a car with different purposes.

But while on the way they had an accident that made the car hit a tree on the side of the road. It got even weirder when they realized that the location of the accident was quite far away.

Woke up in a clearing in the middle of the forest far from the road they had passed. Tried to find help but no mobile network.

Plot Twist

This film will present gore scenes and some related to the past. As the title uses classic words.

It’s very scary and scary. But you’ll need to watch it for yourself to see how horrifying and unifying it really is.

Prepare for a scene that would not be imagined at all. Because at the end of this film we will get a lot of traps.

Starting from a trap and ending with murder. This open promotion will create a mysterious figure directly.


Netflix this time presents the Out of Home campaign. By using a public background to carry out a promotion or advertisement.

The goal is pretty self-explanatory, getting a wide audience of passers-by. The target is wider and more direct.

The addition of a direct interaction will attract all who pass by. A Classic Horror Story was successful in stealing attention and increasing its audience.