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Adorable, this online transportation campaigns as well as a challenge through teddy bears

Adorable, this online transportation campaigns as well as a challenge through teddy bears

2 Mar 2021

Challenge Teddy Bear by Grab. Sources:,

Campaigning for promotions that are currently being held can be done in many ways, one of which is through outdoor media. Grab, this online transportation has just gone viral last week on several social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, because it is known to ride a large teddy bear. Later it was discovered that this was Grab’s marketing technique in promoting their promo code.

A week ago, a video content circulated on TikTok social media showing Grab drivers looking like they were about to go to deliver a teddy bear package somewhere. The video footage was flooded with comments from netizens so many thoughts that someone deliberately ordered it because it was related to Valentine’s Day.

However, it turns out that this activity is a challenge from Grab to social media users and the lucky ones will get prizes. Through the @grabjatimrek Instagram account, it is explained that people who are lucky to see this incident can become a challenge participant by having to take photos and upload them on their Instastory and must write poems about Grab Express.

Drivers Carry the Teddy Bear Together. Source:,

Seeing the Grab driver hitching a ride with the teddy bear did look very adorable, as a result many were amazed and captured the moment. The teddy bear was even seen wearing a mask and wrapped safely. Apart from this being a challenge, it turns out that this moment is an implementation of Grab marketing to introduce their Grab Express promo code, which is a Very Important Package.

Grab Express considers all packages to be Very Important Packages (VIP), so they must be delivered extra safely and with great care. This special Valentine’s Day code allows users to deliver packages for only five thousand rupiah. While the winner of the challenge received different prizes in various cities.

Someone with the username Tiktok @dsymanolong shared her story when she got a teddy bear for winning the challenge. Netizens who know about the marketing activation of Grab have flooded the comments column with the word “gemoy”. The word is slang for today’s youth, which is a reference to the word “Adore” or “Adorable”.

“Really gushed.” Write @ maratuss_00.

“Earlier I saw at the tiktok driver grab on the teddy bear gemoy pillion, so I want to” comment @ vidy.r12.

“Teddy be like come on, uncle let’s goo” said @viannady.

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