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Advertisement Tax RFID in Depok

Advertisement Tax RFID in Depok

14 Jan 2022

The RFID Advertising Tax in Depok is a medium to facilitate supervision. BKD installed a number of these billboards around Jalan Raya Margonda and Juanda. As billboards have become the most effective promotional media, thousands of billboards have been installed along the roads and other places.

Installation of Advertising Tax RFID in Depok

Yuli Puspita from the Head of Regional Tax BKD Depok City said that the installation of RFID billboards was to facilitate supervision. Even the RFID is according to plan installed at 90 points. The installation was carried out for ten days with 9 points each day.

The Radio FreQuency Identification tag has been installed since September 2021. So that the BKD itself has deployed 57 officers in the installation of RFID billboards around the Depok area. RFID is an identification system that utilizes radio waves through an electromagnetic field or automatic identification and data capture.

This system consists of a transponder, receiver (receiver) and transmitter (sender). Meanwhile, the advertisement tax is a consequence of the taxpayer imposed on business entities for the implementation of advertisements.

Functionally, the RFID Advertising Tax in Depok has the function of storing and retrieving data remotely. This shows that there is a system that transmits an identity with a unique serial form.

The Head of Regional Tax I of the Depok BKD stated that there would be billboards installed in other areas as well. This tool consists of a metal tag or a marker on the billboard as well as an RFID reader that can read the tag data from a distance for monitoring.

There are two types of markers, namely paper tags and metal tags. On paper tags are usually used for billboards. Meanwhile, metal tags are used for billboard advertisements, neon boxes, Videotron and others. So that it is hoped that it can facilitate the supervision of the implementation of advertisements.

Officers in the field can see directly the advertisement data through RFID without opening the system through their offices. This of course provides convenience in conducting supervision.

Meanwhile, for RFID Advertising Tax maintenance in Depok, there is periodic maintenance of equipment using the Depok City Budget. That way everything becomes more sophisticated and optimal. Depok is ready to present a good, safe and effective advertising campaign.

This is true, especially in the environment that there are many technologies that use RFID. Now, Depok is starting to take advantage of this technological sophistication to support the smooth supervision of billboards. RFID has a mini antenna complete with a chip to be programmed.

Knowing How RFID Tags Work

From the installation of this Depok RFID tag, it has the right purpose for the billboard monitoring program at several points. However, the people themselves do not understand how the RFID works. While this RFID covers the main part that plays a role in the process and monitoring activities.

The first part, there is a microchip that functions to store or process all existing information. While in the second part there is an antenna that functions to receive and send signals to the reader.

Each tag attached has its own and different serial number. You need to remember that this number applies to every single object only. This allows multiple points to have different numbers.

The serial number of a number of RFID Advertising Taxes in Depok has become a basic rule to maintain the convenience and security of monitoring billboards. The presence of this reader to receive also emit electromagnetic waves or signals for data.

The signal is transmitted to the tag section using a mini antenna. When the signal is fully transmitted, the tag will respond by providing information that has been stored in the bank’s memory automatically.

So that the tool can send information that has been read or information that has just entered. Because the purpose of sending from the tag to the RFID computer program. Of course, that has been installed properly on the tool.

The RFID reader and the RFID tag have the same wave frequency, so the data and information on the tag can be read by the reader. The transmission of radio waves causes the two to communicate wirelessly or without the use of cables.

The RFID Advertising Tax in Depok is by bringing the tag reader closer. A tag is a device attached to an object identified by an RFID Reader. Usually a passive or active device. The difference is using a battery and without a battery.

Passive tags are more widely used because of the advantages of being cheap and smaller in size. The RFID tag is a read-only device that can be read. In addition, read write or rewritten for updates.

The computer as a bridge connecting RFID to the overall system to store and process data that is read to the database. This is followed by other tasks in the system such as displaying data to the LCD integrated with the device.

Benefits of Using RFID

Precisely RFID wireless technology provides enormous benefits for inventory control, logistics and enterprises. When compared to barcodes or other manual scanning systems, RFID has many advantages.

The RFID Tax Advertisement system in Depok can scan all incoming items rather than an optical scanner that can only handle one item at a time. So the advantage is that it can scan multiple items at the same time.

With advanced technology and essential requirements, RFID is more cost effective. As costs drop dramatically for the production of both active and passive tags. This makes it available for use in single-use consumer products.

RFID technology has the ability to read and write. If the barcode can only be written with data once, the RFID tag can be updated as many times as needed for tags class 2 and above.

Moreover, there are no line of sight problems. It is unlike optical scanners, there is no line of sight requirement when scanning items. So the use of RFID is ideal for workers with high efficiency.

RFID Advertising Tax in Depok also saves time. RFID tags can be read hundreds of IDs at one time only. Bar codes can be read one by one using the device. The material is water and friction resistant and easily packaged in plastic chips. Sometimes it is also included in the body of the object that is attached to the RFID.

This is what made the BKD take the decision and use the RFID for monitoring the installation of billboards. Not only for this monitoring, RFID tags can be used for employee ID identification, buying and selling goods, identifying company assets and others.

Three main components drive the significant development of RFID use. These factors such as the reduction in equipment and tag costs, the stable international standard on passive UHF RFID and its 99.9% performance and advantages.

RFID is a solution in work and supervision so that it is easier and faster. With this tool, it can minimize the occurrence of inaccurate data. Of course BKD Depok makes this the best solution .

The RFID Advertising Tax in Depok has been installed as planned at various points and can expand to areas around Depok. RFID is quite optimal and effective in the implementation of monitoring the installation of billboards.