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Advertising as a Media to Beautify City Planning

Advertising as a Media to Beautify City Planning

14 Jan 2022

Advertisements as a medium beautify the layout of the city so that it looks attractive. Therefore, it is very important to update the mapping of the location of the billboard installation locations. All must comply with the provisions of which can be the point of placing advertisements or billboards.

As the most appropriate advertising media, billboards dominate city corridors, both in terms of facilities and infrastructure. Become the identity of the city where this advertisement is an element to improve the image of the city and vice versa.

The Application of Advertisements as a Media to Beautify City Planning in General

The placement of billboards can serve as a measure of the level of development and welfare of a country. The outside media advertisements are indeed placed in public or open places.

As we have learned, advertisements that are strategically located dominate both toll roads and roads leading to shopping centers and other public places.

Basically, every city has a master plan where billboards are installed as a medium to beautify the city plan that applies the best design. So it is not arbitrary in the installation.

Of course, not all locations can be advertised because any point has been mapped in order to consider the beauty factor of the city space. Both the installation of billboards, banners, videotrons, and billboards all show a high enough interest in installation so that they need good arrangement.

This fairly popular media certainly causes problems related to general criteria or application that must be met. These include:

Advertising Design

Advertisements must meet the criteria, namely attractive and good in terms of design. Designs and images play an important role, including in beautifying the city.

The design will give the readers a special message or what will be conveyed. Simple or not then this is very relative. How to make it must be considered several things, including all the things.

Illustration of Unique and Interesting Images and Themes

When using illustrations on billboards as a medium to beautify the city plan, it is closely related to the message to be conveyed. Take an image design that goes straight to the message’s purpose.

Moreover, the selection of themes considered uniqueness and creativity. With an attractive design will certainly be seen by many people. Moreover, being brave with a different design presents its own challenges.

Advertising Colors

One of the most influencing beauty is color. Striking colors are the best choice. Because honestly dark colors are always avoided. Color will affect the type to make the ad more attractive and good. Especially if it is adjusted to the company’s distinctive colors.

Selection of Diction and Letters

Choosing a word that is unique and different becomes influential. Emphasizing the message to be conveyed to the audience. This unique thing is often used as an icon for the company owner. Use clear, concise, and not long sentences. So people will record it quickly and easily.

Especially in the selection of fonts. Choosing the right font makes a good advertisement. In addition, both emphasis on certain letters and size are things that you should consider.

Strategic Position

Advertisements as a medium to beautify urban planning must have the above criteria. In addition, as a supporter of the proper arrangement of advertisements, it is necessary to determine a strategic place. The placement of billboards with a fairly wide view makes it easier for people to see it. Pointed billboards and strategic billboards enhance more effective message delivery.

Selection of Diction and Letters

For anyone who wants to put up an advertisement, it must be with the right conditions. Including the aesthetics and harmony of the building due to environmental conditioning. Pay attention to the design and construction of both construction and others.

For anyone who wants to put up an advertisement, it must be with the right conditions. Including the aesthetics and harmony of the building due to environmental conditioning. Pay attention to the design and construction of both construction and others.

Special Effects or Designs Beautify Advertisements at Various Points

Some designs or special effects that give the effect of beauty are:


This lighting is very important, especially at night which requires light to make the advertisement stand out clearly. Moreover, the use of bright neon lights coupled with small flickering lights on the edge of the billboard.

Backlight Usage

The backlight of the billboard as a medium to beautify the city plan puts more emphasis on technology to give a different effect. So the results also provide a unique effect.

Especially the use of luminous polyvinyl which uses light shadows that have been projected from behind the screen. Not a few are experimenting with using holograms with dimensional effects on billboard panels.


The use of inflatables is usually in the form of objects that are hung or affixed to billboards with a more pronounced 3-dimensional effect or touch.


In addition, you can use gestures. These panels can move or kinetic boards that are useful for presenting advertising messages that are quite unique and different.

The panel consists of two or three sides. This is to convey messages that change according to the shifting of the audience passing by on the road near billboards or billboards.

Advertisements as a medium to beautify urban planning, not only in Jakarta and in Sudirman. One that is popular for its beauty is New York with its Times Square.

This is an example that the installation of billboards with all the knick-knacks and good effects gives the impression of its own beauty. If in Indonesia, one of the interesting places is the installation of LED billboards in Bogor.

Bogor Kujang LED Point

One example of the application of billboards that are quite attractive and beautiful showing a beautiful city face is the billboard with LED Kujang Bogor. Its location not far from urban Jakarta has its own characteristics and charm.

One of them is the Botanical Gardens and Tugu Kujang. Innovations continue to develop there so that it has a city layout that emphasizes beauty. Especially with the LED dots in Kujang Bogor. Provide an opportunity for MediaMove to play a role in structuring the City of Bogor.

Kujang is an object that characterizes Bogor City and is the most popular. Including the heirloom of the Kujang Monument. Kujang is used as one of the aesthetics in organizational and government symbols.

Therefore, one of the concepts of billboards as a medium to beautify the city plan that is presented to make it always special in the minds of the public and the audience is made billboards with LED Kujang ornaments. The shape of the billboard with the Kujang design and ornament also reintroduced it to the public.

The creation and construction of billboards and billboards is important considering the strategic location and also the effect of the beauty created. MediaMove not only prioritizes the interests of clients, but also pays attention to the beauty of the city.

Prioritizing the right advertising system, environmentally friendly, useful, pleasing to the eye and has a full function as the best media provider. The traditional cultural touch accents are lifted from the Kujang, giving a meaningful appearance and educating the public about West Java’s traditional weapons.

This shows that the influence of advertisements or billboards in supporting the development and development of the City is very high and provides the best opportunities. Advertisements as a medium to beautify urban planning are true. So as to be able to make it happen effectively.