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Advertising In Game Is An Effective Solution For Virtual Promotion During The Pandemic

Advertising In Game Is An Effective Solution For Virtual Promotion During The Pandemic

10 Jun 2021

Advertising in games is increasingly becoming the most effective choice. It began when the widespread use of games in all people, both children and adults.

The absence of an age limit which is the main trigger. Moreover, branded products are able to pay the amount is not insignificant, will bring resolution digital economy.

Just as the impact of the positive development of the digital world. It is not wrong if we begin to explore the game world and prospects for the future.

When we know the ropes, then will understand how to reap the benefits. Just like this game ad pair.

The presence of Advertising In Games So Considerations

When it comes to mobile games or games that can be easily accessed with smartphones, there will be those who will continue to follow them just like paid advertising on other platforms.

More and more users, it also will be more and more milling. Starting from iden ad execs who imagine that the real world advertising sign in the gaming world.

Grand Theft Auto was trying to make it happen by using a program that is quite serious. Placement of advertisements in game billboards, bus stops, garbage warehouses, murals, generic storefronts, or power ups.

Advertising in this billboard can use visuals such as cartoons. However, digital purchases can be targeted directly, in minority reports in contrast to OOH (out-of-home).

So What Is OOH?

Out-of-home itself stands for OOH. Have the intent of outdoor advertising that is not always limited.

Using technology digitally with increasingly widespread innovation. Included in digital billboards, vehicle advertising, and even programmatic advertising.

Take advantage of this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The movers of technology spur innovation in the world of technology that was previously lay.

Maximize the use of each platform by inserting ads. One of the games that has been getting a lot of attention lately.

Vision for the Future

Advertising in this game can reportedly be a pretty good opportunity. Just imagine with game users around the world and access it every day.

Being one of the relatively comparative media, Samule Huber is the founder and chief executive of the in-pay advertising platform. Advertising in games that were initially ignored turned into a boomerang.

Over time they will recognize this as a challenge. By sharing publisher inventory to realize advertising demand.

Adopt the IAB format and measure the impact of Integral Ad Science. Getaway ads create the ads the market needs in order to match the brand to the game.

This is tantamount to correcting media channels and developing them in an original format with a vision for the future. Move towards new changes that are more subtle and don’t sound like you’re looking for a market.

Marketing Strategy

If you use advertising in games, of course it will make the product as well as blend in. So this is a point of adaptation and adapting which is quite strange, but challenging.

In addition, if for example a game uses a product programmatically buys it in its game, this will show the benefits of a product.

The characters in this game will become virtual influencers. With this beginning, over time game users will also be interested in trying it.

Especially if it is used in esports matches that are broadcast to the public at large. There will be thousands of pairs of eyes that come to see and consider trying it for themselves.

There will be indirect benefits to the advertised product. At least the goal to widen the market and increase existence is quite successful.

Profit of a Product

Advertisements in games themselves can refer to a specific genre. Game is not the last game while still building.

So if the business model uses the 3D world and the Metaverse there will be virtual reality. There was manufacturing training and educational learning education for various 3D advertising products.

By developing and benefiting from each other, both from the provider and service recipient. Increasingly working hand in hand to expand the business for the future era.

Cheat Codes

Adverty’s sales director, Alex Ginn, reveals that the world is straight between brands and people. Then will need data to do the effectiveness of advertising with cheat codes for players.

If the advertisements in menus and games are going to be obvious, then there is a need for fairly extensive data and insights. It certainly has an effect if you place ads in an inconsequential and ineffective way.

Users will usually be happy to listen to ads in games to play for free. This seems to be put to good use, right?

Placing ads in games even provides 31% positive user experience. Use language that tends to provide an ono-obsessive experience that is entertaining or informative.

The level of contextual sensitivity is important. So use the experience and don’t really highlight the product impression, but rather the long-term benefits that exist.

Previous Example

In the 2020 campaign, he collaborated with a media agency called the7star. Promotion of Twenty One Pilots’ latest album, using OOH ads.

Distribution there is a Critical Ops FPS targeting the male rocker. By using AI technology and guaranteeing that the impression will be fully viewed.

Programmatic is a representative towards a more advanced advertising business. Meanwhile, mobile is mainstream and represents a land-grant opportunity for brands.


On the unstructured game reportedly has an open ecosystem in the estimated 202 million users. Just like when an ad platform that allows developers to serve ads in games successfully.

Samuel Drozdov himself is the founding chief executive of Bloxbiz. In a successful ad developer platform called Roblox.

He was inspired to bring several Fortnite games to the market. Having previously worked at Facebook to design ad analytics tools, I finally thought about how to help them create a virtual presence.

Then Bloxbiz will be there for those needs. When users will understand more that the game is not just a game but has a social network.

Content Opportunity

Advertising in the game itself is very effective. Even branded content opportunities can be realized by a leading designer with “KFC’s Animal Crossing Island”.

Because the users are mostly children, they don’t collect player’s personal data. By boosting effectiveness without the added difficulty of navigating.

Then take advantage of the opportunity to share the high voice. Before everyone struggles to reach from the same audience.

The game itself is still a media platform that is formed and developed. Like the Roblox family film, which has 1.5 million children from the UK.

It’s like tackling a dungeon that isn’t easy and complicated. Game providers themselves need to adopt an inventory of tools and tactics.

Advertising in games is still the choice of media buyers. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be a lot of advantages over virtual advertising. Does not involve direct contact and access that is on the rise for mobile game users.