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Adway Innovation Utilizes Cars as Advertising Media

Adway Innovation Utilizes Cars as Advertising Media

19 Aug 2021

Adway is a digital advertising network that provides their clients with advertising in a new, more elegant way. In this case, it engages and attracts consumers by rearranging street-level media platforms.

This technology is based on a patented projection to display static images and videos. Usually in HD quality on the side of the vehicle then redefines how the public experiences and interacts with the media in the transportation and retail sectors.

Adway Funding Information Get $6M

Regarding Adway getting $6M, it was officially announced. The fundraiser was led by investment firm Upfront Ventures. Including Revel Ventures, Inflection Capital, Water Tower Business and many more.

Actually, the funding is to support the commercialization of a sophisticated optical system that has been patented by Adway.

It does this by displaying a small as well as smart projector. It also displays static content and video on the side of the vehicle.

Likewise geofencing as well as real time data collection efforts and other analytical technologies according to Adway.

Patented Optical Projection Technology

The fact is that the Optical projection, which Adway has patented, is not an ordinary digital display.

Because it offers advertising a new way to make a lasting impression at the right time. Besides that, it’s in the right place.

This was also conveyed by the CEO of Adway, Sasha Krylov. He said that wherever they go the advertiser needs it including outside of shopping malls, sporting events, cinemas, concerts and also along main roads. This allows them to ensure a more extensive street level into digital engagement.

There are also three unique advantages of Adway technology earning $6M in terms of offering an alternative to traditional LED taxi toppers. These advantages are:

Device Size and Position

From a miniature set of car bodies expanding the possibility of fleet size by including previously excluded car types including SUVs, vans and others.

High Hardware Flexibility

The Adway device has indeed been designed to be installed and removed from the side mirror in just seconds.

Creative Advertising Opportunities

From an ultra short throw off axis optical system, this Adway incorporates a projection technology that allows for borderless viewing.

Meanwhile, static content and elegant motion that appear to be fully integrated into the vehicle door are affiliated, namely in HD.

The positive impact of Adway getting $6M provides new creative opportunities that can make the display later become more volume and memorable.

Their physical environment uses many sensors. So that the Adway device can collect and send data to the client dashboard in real time later. This allows advertisers to see campaign performance and data during the collection process.

The positive thing is that they can directly control spending and targeting in a more detailed way so that they are maximized.

Advertisers Benefit from Adway

Advertisers who benefit from using Adway’s innovative platform are Cisco or Webex, Sweetfin, Rip Curl, Sandland, Row 8 and also Sky Zone.

The $6M Adway Effect makes it easy to target specific locations with advertising messages that change dynamically according to geography.

The CO Founder of Sweetfin, Alan Nathan, said that he was happy with Adway because it helped target specific locations around the city with a special message that could change according to geography.

Advertisers benefit from Adway, so they can reach their targeted customers while they are away from home and understand how effective the ad is in real time. And this really helps.

While using Bluetooth technology, Adway can identify the number of active mobile devices within their vehicle distance as well as can track a unique Bluetooth identifier. Here Adway does not collect media access control or individual MAC addresses, cookies or browsers.

Do you think advertising media like the ones presented by Adway are suitable for being in Indonesia? What do you think?

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