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Beautify the City, Bogor City Government Wants Advertisements Only in Digital Form

Beautify the City, Bogor City Government Wants Advertisements Only in Digital Form

18 Dec 2020
Examples of Advertising Visual Pollution. Source:

In Bogor, we often find billboards, unkempt banners, put them up as they like and seem unauthorized. As a result, the aesthetic value of the city of Bogor is reduced and full of visual pollution, departing from this the Bogor City Government intends to curb billboards, banners and replace them with digital forms.

Apart from disturbing the visuals of the city of Bogor, the Deputy Mayor of Bogor, Dedie A. Rachim, said that the billboards were also considered out of date. Therefore, OOH advertising media in digital form such as Videotron is considered to be a solution to this problem. Digitalization of advertisements can also reduce used advertising material that becomes unused waste.

Examples of Advertising Visual Pollution. Source:

We know that the tens to hundreds of banners installed on the side of the road often end up turning into garbage and there is no maintenance or reduction. Therefore, the Bogor city government wants to remove advertising media that are not in accordance with the city planning, beauty and aesthetic value of the city of Bogor.

Not only that, the City Government plans to add open space that can be used as a means of advertising but still prioritizes the form of digital advertising. Likewise, the municipal government can manage it independently and the digitalization of advertising media in the city of Bogor can increase regional income.

LED Ornament Kujang Bogor. Source: Author

MediaMove as the OOH Advertising Agency which has a location in Bogor (LED Ornament Kujang), has carried out and implemented the digitalization of advertising media. The Kujang Ornament LED is located on Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor, consists of 15 Videotron LEDs spread over 500m from Siloam Hospital to Botani Square.

Not only digital, MediaMove also packaged the Videotron with the addition of the aesthetic of the traditional West Java weapon, Kujang. In addition, MediaMove continues to maintain Videotron consistently on time. Of course, this MediaMove location is expected to be an example for other OOH Advertising Agency.

By choosing our location, now you don’t have to worry when planning to advertise in the city of Bogor. For further interaction you can immediately contact us at 0813-1311-0116 or you can follow our social media to find out about the world around outdoor advertising.