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Bench Park Advertising

Bench Park Advertising

14 Nov 2022

One of the open spaces that are also often used as an advertising medium and brand promotion campaign is park benches, but in Indonesia advertising on park benches is not as popular as advertising on other outdoor media such as on Billboards and Videotron. However, if used properly and with the right promotional materials and campaign themes, advertisements on park bench media will get exposure and go viral.

Here are examples of some of the use of park benches, bus stop waiting benches, and room waiting benches:


1. Nike

Nike as a Sports Brand launched the RUN campaign by making a bench with no base to sit on, so keep running.


2. Toyota – PRIUS

Toyota when promoting a campaign for their environmentally friendly car product, PRIUS, made a complete seat with Wifi facilities and a place to charge smartphones using solar energy.


3. FedEx

FedEx wraps park benches with bubble wrap to convey that your products are safe, you know, sent using their services.

4.  Nivea

One of the most popular skin care products in the world, Nivea has cleverly used contoured couches with uncontoured leather couches to convey their skin care products that can get rid of cellulite.

5. Slimfast

The Diet SlimFast product brand installs a garden bench with a very slim size, according to their brand SLIM

6. Karate Class

this karate training ground is quite careful about the state of the surroundings, this garden bench made of cracked and split concrete is used creatively as their advertising medium.

7. MexaSe

MexaSe Brand with fitness training products makes benches with slanted seat cushions, so everyone sitting there feels like they are exercising. haha

Interesting right ? The use of benches as a promotional medium can help increase awareness and also attract citizen interaction.