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Billboard, a new way of giving an expression

Billboard, a new way of giving an expression

12 Dec 2020

Lately, we are often surprised by the behavior of celebrities in Indonesia and abroad. Those who live in riches never stop making the center of attention by spending money with an unmitigated nominal. Billboards or videotrons, which are generally used to promote products / services, are now a land for artists and celebrities to express their sense of expression.

It should be noted for yourself that billboard and videotron rental prices are not cheap, especially in metropolitan cities like Jakarta. However, it seems that the nominal value of tens to hundreds of millions for renting a billboard and videotron is not a problem for artists. Here is a list of artists and celebrities who have hired outdoor advertising to give or express a phrase, including:

1. Anas and Asala Marwah

Sumber : Pinknews

The two of them are a celebrity couple and YouTuber who rented the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa) for a Gender Reveal Party. Gender Reveal Party is a trend among couples or parents who are entering a large gestational age, this event is the disclosure of the gender that is in the womb. It was reported that the couple spent the equivalent of 1.4 billion Rupiah for the event. The program shows a countdown through animation on the LEDs of the entire Burj Khalifa building with alternating pink and blue colors. The countdown is 10 seconds and ends with the phrase “it’s a boy” which means the gender that Asala Marwah is carrying is male

2. Billy Saputra

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A few days ago, Billy Saputra went viral in the entertainment news about his behavior. It was reported that she broke up with her boyfriend Ananda Manopo, but it turned out that everything had been arranged to surprise the 21-year-old girl’s birthday. Billy rented a super large videotron in the Bundaran HI area, the cost of which is estimated at hundreds of millions of rupiah. The contents of the videotron are none other than Billy’s birthday wishes to Amanda and some photos of their intimacy. Seeing the surprise, Ananda Manopo was moved to tears because his face was so big.

3. Tom Lifawa

Sumber : Kompas

This man from Surabaya went viral some time ago because of a birthday surprise for his wife. Tom Liwafa rented a billboard measuring 4.5m x 8m for 10 days at a cost of 25 million on Jl. Nginden Semolo, Surabaya to give his wife’s 28th birthday wishes. The content of the billboard was the sentence “Happy Birthday Delta Hesti, The One Who Has Nginden Semolo”. Seeing the surprise, the wife was moved happily. Tom said he wanted an unusual birthday surprise. This moment was uploaded on their Instagram and reaped a lot of words from people.

Those are some of the artists and celebrities who are willing to spend up to billions of rupiah for a word. But in fact, the cost of renting a billboard or videotron depends on the location and the length of the rental period itself. In big cities, it figures from tens to hundreds of millions for a billboard or videotron rental are quite reasonable, this is because in the city center to the corners of Jakarta, they have a higher impression level than other cities.

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