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Billboard Construction Falls at the Warung Buncit Area in South Jakarta

Billboard Construction Falls at the Warung Buncit Area in South Jakarta

10 Dec 2019

A few days ago, the people of the capital city of Jakarta were shocked by the fall of billboards or adverstisement boards in the Warung Buncit area, South Jakarta. This incident certainly has a big influence especially for the flow of traffic in the region. Many residents finally decided to turn back. MediaMove as outdoor advertising companies are quite concerned with the incident. This of course can be harmful and detrimental to many parties.

Photo at the location

This incident occurred at about 19:05 where the clock is epic hour. So that congestion can not be avoided, congestion also occurs because residents who watch and vehicles that want to cross the region. The municipal police and firefighters tried to cut the framework of the billboard. Even the municipal police rushed to find out the owner of the Billboard fall. Then how the actual rules of establishing a billboard or billboard?

Every implementation for the installation of new billboards or billboards must pay attention to the billboard design. Includes size (dimensions), construction, and presentation. Local regulations state billboards for billboard types with a minimum free space height of 5.50 m and a minimum foundation depth of 1.50 m, a maximum size of billboard media size of 50 m2 vertical with a distance of 150 m between one advertisement point with another.

 Sample Image Work Billboard

The billboard structure consisting of the main support poles has a diameter and thickness that needs to be taken into account to maximize the safety of the billboards. To find out whether the billboard structure that is already installed or which will be produced by an advertising agency, meets the criteria of safe or unsafe requires good calculation and supervision. Creating a billboard construction or neonbox require calculation. As we know the material required a good quality is also so strong construction, such as iron holo, angle iron, aluminum plate, and iron pipes.

So that the construction is durable it should not reduce the materials that should be used. The main pipe which is the main support for billboards or neon boxes uses the size of the iron pipe adjusted to its size. If the large size, it is necessary that adequate iron pipe diameter as well. The aluminum plate that is the cover is attached so that it can be a place where the sticker will be installed. Aluminum plate must be firmly attached to the construction in order to withstand strong winds and unpredictable weather.

led makassar triangle cpi

Photos Construction of LED Makassar

Angled iron arranged transversely in construction with the aim of making the construction strong. And to connect between the frameworks into a complete construction carried out by welding. In this process accuracy is also needed in order to achieve good results. In making construction, you must pay attention to all parts intact, starting from the foundation to the finishing plate. For ordinary foundations planted with concrete with a depth of approximately 1m-3m adjusted to the size of the billboard. Concrete density must be considered to be strong. With strong construction many benefits will be obtained, even making maintenance costs also become cheap.

Mediamove as an Outdoor Advertising company certainly prioritizes the shape, materials and quality of our own billboard construction. Of course, to build trust in our clients, this company prioritizes quality and satisfaction for our clients. So we pay attention to even the small details either to make or produce billboards that are strategic and also safe for road users. Already know the location of our available billboard? Click Here and find strategic billboard locations to promote your brand.