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Billboard With Creative Ideas in the City of London! Is it possible in Jakarta?

Billboard With Creative Ideas in the City of London! Is it possible in Jakarta?

2 Mar 2020

In early January 2020, the world of advertising again presents creative ideas. A billboard located in the City of London and Birmingham to be very interesting when towards evening. Appeared as Dracula image display that is currently being aired his TV series on the BBC. Obviously this is very interesting for people around to see it. So whether it is possible for billboards in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta? Of course it’s possible. MediaMove as an outdoor advertising company sees this as an opportunity to make outdoor advertising media grow much more creative. Especially when it is realized on the Billboard Jakarta, Mediamove very open to creative ideas.

Dracula Billboard

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a famous story, which is why billboards in the UK need to be creative to promote the new BBC series. Dracula premiered in the new year and ahead of the event, BBC Creative dreamed of an attractive billboard that was even scarier at sunset. Just like the Dracula tale story only appears at night, no traces of Dracula when the sun shines. This billboard was made in such a concept, as night fell, its scary shadow appeared on the Billboard board. Wide open mouth and fangs.

The executives at the BBC Creative ideas for how this old story still make loyal fans or the audience interested in the stories in the show with a new feel. Located in Birmingham and London, both billboards are interesting advertisements, different from the others. “Our promotion for Dracula is expected to make viewers not hesitate to watch them be able to see something new and unexpected from the adaptation of this incredible old vampire series,” said Olly Harnett, creative head at BBC.

Actually in Indonesia itself, even for Billboard with 3D visuals has been familiar, especially in Jakarta. Some big companies are willing to spend their advertising budget with billboards with more interesting ideas and concepts. Of course, the budget spent is proportionate to the target delivery of their promotional media. So are you interested in expressing your brand’s Creative Ideas with Billboard advertising media? what are you waiting for, contact us Mediamove and find your strategic point.