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Billboards in Jakarta Protocol Road Plans Will Be Replaced to Videotron (LED)

Billboards in Jakarta Protocol Road Plans Will Be Replaced to Videotron (LED)

18 Apr 2019

The DKI Jakarta provincial government plans to beautify the Capital City not only limited to the arrangement of parks and pedestrian areas, even a number of protocol roads will be freed from disturbing conventional billboards. The plan was delivered by head of the Jakarta Regional Tax and Retribution Agency, Faisal Syafrudin.

He said, conventional billboards that currently use outdoor print as the advertising media will be changed to videotron. In accordance with the regulations Jakarta Governor No. 148 2017 for instructions on the management of the advertisement, are not allowed in the installation of billboards conventional tight control. After the implementation of the demolition of his hope that the switch so the led (Videotron) This regulation also regulates the aesthetics of the city, not just enforcement or advertisement placement only. Structuring conventional billboards are expected to beautify the city, along with increased advertising tax.

Things like this actually be the cornerstone of our initial MediaMove to apply the concept of CFA (City Friendly Advertising)

With a background of city spatial planning is becoming more beautiful and attractive. We can see from the condition is quite alarming this time with no well-organized Billboard poles. MediaMove as a local agency wants to contribute to the city arrangement by carrying out the CFA concept. MediaMove into outdoor advertising media that are processed properly. In accordance with the arrangement of town planning and has an additional benefit. In addition to the LED (Videotron) there are creative ideas that can be dispensed with outdoor advertising. The CFA concept that has been done by MediaMove is the Monorail Pole, Building Wrapping, AC Kopaja Conversion, and BikeSharing. Want to contribute your brand with the CFA concept from MediaMove, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.