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Branding Vs Marketing: Which Is More Important?

Branding Vs Marketing: Which Is More Important?

17 Jan 2023

One of the topics that business owners usually discuss is between branding vs marketing. Branding and marketing are two terms that we always come across in the business world. Both of these things cannot be separated because they are closely related to the marketing of products or services.

For those of you who run a business, it is very important to know about branding and marketing. The aim is to help grow and develop the business that you manage. Many people think that these two things are the same. But in fact, they have differences that you need to understand.

Knowing the Difference Between Branding Vs Marketing

For those of you who work in the field of marketing or promotion, you may already be familiar with the terms branding vs marketing. Both of these are very needed in building and developing a business. So what is the difference and which one should be prioritized? Check out the following explanation!


The origin of branding is from the word brand or brand which is more focused on the name of a logo or icon from a company. The brand of a company is usually very ingrained in the minds of other people who know the company.

So we can interpret that branding is a process or way of creating a good image of a company so that it can be embedded in the community.

When a company has a good brand, then the sales and marketing process will also become easier. Companies that do branding can easily identify a product and differentiate it from other products.

In addition to giving a certain impression to a company, branding can also make customers or consumers able to understand the business. The difference between your company and the company owned by competitors can also be seen from the branding you do. 


Marketing or marketing is a process used to build a relationship between a company and potential customers.

There are many ways you can do to create marketing, such as through advertising, selling, to creating products according to market demand.

By doing marketing, then you will be easier in attracting the attention of consumers to use the services or products owned by your company.

The key to doing marketing is that you have to find the right marketing method to influence potential customers. Do marketing in the right place and the right moment too.

The basic purpose of marketing is so that marketing and sales can increase. So that the products and services can be sold a lot and get a lot of profit.

The Goals of Marketing and Branding

Between branding vs marketing, both have good goals. Basically, branding is the name of the business or company. While marketing is how the company builds that name.

Branding is also a long-term strategy and cannot be done in a short time. So, you need to instill an awareness in someone about a product, service, company image or good impression.

As for marketing, it is a derivative of branding. Usually the branding strategy that the company does also includes marketing. So the Marketing strategy can be done in a shorter or shorter period of time.

Main Targets

The company’s target of doing branding is to make the business or company they run popular. While the marketing target is to attract as many consumers as possible.

So, before the company does marketing, it must first do branding. This way is done to make it easier for the company to market the products or services it has. Up to here you can know which one should be prioritized between branding vs marketing.

In marketing activities, branding can make the marketing process in attracting sales targets easier. This is because the brand of the company has been introduced.

So it can be concluded between branding vs marketing, both have an important role in business goals. Start with the right strategy and never give up trying until your business reaches the peak of success.

Implementation of Branding and Marketing

Here are concrete examples of companies that have been successful in implementing branding and marketing.

1. An example of successful branding is Apple. This brand is known for its minimalist and elegant design and the advanced technology used in its products. Apple’s very iconic logo and tagline “Think Different” help the company to build a strong identity and remembered by consumers.

2. An example of successful marketing is Coca-Cola. This company is known for its amazing marketing campaigns, ranging from television commercials to activities on social media. They also often hold contests and promotions to increase consumer interest in their products.

3. Another example of a company that has been successful in implementing both aspects is Nike. This brand is known for its slogan “Just Do It” which conveys a message of motivation and spirit to exercise. Nike also creates a culture in the world of sports and its advertising campaigns featuring famous athletes help to strengthen their identity.</p