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Building Wrapping, Dozens of Buildings that Get Muri Awards !

Building Wrapping, Dozens of Buildings that Get Muri Awards !

19 Feb 2019

Starting from team marketing communication request. One of our main clients when it’s branding branch buildings. The challenge for that branding is not just one building alone but dozens of buildings in various cities in Indonesia.With the coordination and form a team that will work in every town and make sure each team who worked on the survey of the building can do so when executing the work can be done perfectly. Many learning process, among others in one of our buildings 20mx40m sticker printing large size to be installed in the building, but when we look at the supervision team sticker is not installed center position, but slightly tilted to the right hand.

Automated standard Because we want to provide the best service to our clients unloading stickers and stickers of new ones, even if we lose hundreds of millions for the production and installation costs we incurred, but the result is very satisfactory for us and for the clients. In other places, there are also different problems. Some buildings have half a rubber in the window, so we have to cut the sticker in the window. A little wrong print does not fit the character of the building as a medium, we have to print and Reinstall.

Interestingly for the client, because the rent is installed in the building branch then one of the largest cost components, namely rental locations should not be issued anymore, other than that for large-sized advertising and position in the building approached its clients, precise ad exposure Target and can be maximized.

Because branding tens simultaneously building had never been there at that time, our achievement is getting MURI “Branding Building at Broad & Number Most”