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CFD on Losari Beach in Makassar Near to Videotron Triangle Mediamove

CFD on Losari Beach in Makassar Near to Videotron Triangle Mediamove

17 Mar 2020

Activity Car Free Day (CFD) still seems to be an attractive alternative for the Indonesian people. Especially in Makassar to conduct sports activities in the form of jogging, walking leisurely, or cycling. With a cool atmosphere and fresh air in the morning, this activity is still very popular with the people of Makassar City. One of them is CFD in Losari Beach, which is also located adjacent to Videotron Triangle Makassar Mediamove’s . When viewed from CCTV monitoring in the Videotron Triangle Makassar , the CFD activities at Losari Beach are very crowded.

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Photos in the area of CFD Losari

How come? Street Vendors (PKL) are also scattered along the CFD road to peddle their wares. A variety of culinary snacks, accessories, souvenirs, to household equipment can be found there. Quoted from page stands Makassar, one of the residents of Makassar Fazlin Aini said she was regularly visited CFD in Losari, in addition to enjoying the culinary, he also uses this moment to refreshing. “If I routinely week with friends here. More often buy snacks and hang out at Losari Beach gazebo. Exciting and certainly snacks are also cheap, “she said when found directly at the location.

CFD Makassar

Traders Market in The CFD Area

From the enthusiasm of the people of Makassar city or outside the city who want to feel the CFD on Losari Beach, this location makes it full and crowded with visitors. Even some event or action from the city government often held there. Among them is like an invitation to make the air in Makassar City clean and healthy. One of them by banning smoking in this CFD region. this is done so that people who will exercise can enjoy the fresh air of healthy living.

Naisyah Tun Azikin as Head of Health Office explained the smoke-free implementation in the area was part of the follow-up by the PJ Mayor Makassar’s order. And he also hopes that the people will obey the rules for the sake of mutual comfort. And what about the LED Triangle¬† CPI CFD Makassar Losari Beach? Is it still on? Of course yes. Triangle LED start lit from 6 am until 12 o’clock at night. Besides interesting, mediamove have a special price if you want to serve specific ads in this CFD event. With time running daily rental Your ad can appear in the LED Triangle CPI Makassar. What are you waiting for? immediately contact Mediamove.