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Commuter Line Ads, Creative Design and More Profitable

Commuter Line Ads, Creative Design and More Profitable

17 Jun 2021

The Jabodetabek Commuter or KRL Commuter Line is an electric rail line and is operated by PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ), a subsidiary of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PTKA). Advertising commuter line KRL is very beneficial because it has been operating since 1976.

PT KCJ started in 2011 starting the KRL transportation modernization project. Then simplify route into 5 main routes. In addition, implementing women-only carriages, eliminating the express KRL, and changing the name of the economy-AC KRL to a commuter train. In addition, there are changes to the tariff system and the implementation of the COMMET electronic system.

Various Advantages of Using Commuter Line Advertising

Traffic congestion in Jabodetabek never ends and becomes a complex problem. Reliable transportation mode facilities are needed in line with the high mobility of the people of the region. Commuter line is one of the best solutions.

This rail-based transportation has a measured travel time. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, affordable rates and does not require a large space. Moreover, the high passenger capacity makes it very appropriate to be used as a commuter line advertisement.

Commuter line KRL has a mission to prioritize safety, comfort, service, and punctuality. In addition, environmental insight is also a target.

Commuter line to support the main business line. Therefore, seek facilities and infrastructure as well as other products as advertising media.

Jabodetabek KRL Facts

The users of the Jabodetabek commuter line KRL mode are certainly no stranger to the advertisements that are scattered around. The products that have entered have an assessment that the commuter line users are very large, even reaching hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The facilities at the station are very complete. These include toilets, ample parking, ATM centers, breastfeeding rooms, and free charges. In addition, there is a prayer room, mini market, coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, and bakery.

KRL routes 70 operational stations such as Bogor, Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Tanjung Priok, and others. The number of passengers on weekdays is 800 thousand. While the end of the week reached 700 thousand passengers. So it is very suitable when advertising at stations or commuter line advertisements.

Advertising outside and inside the train is the right choice. Various conveniences that continue to be carried out make many producers use commuter lines for advertising targets.

Number of Commuter Line Users

The development of public demand for reliable and effective transportation. So KRL has become the prima donna of public transportation in the Jakarta and surrounding areas to carry out various daily activities.

The number of KRL passengers continues to increase rapidly. Until now it has reached 800 thousand per day. In fact, this number is projected to continue to increase to 1.2 million every day. This makes commuter line advertising more effective. Because many people will pay attention to it.

Commuter line users who reach up to hundreds of thousands every day according to the target market. So that the advertisement of a product or service may be delivered correctly. Thus, advertising is more efficient and effective.

More interestingly, commuter line advertisements have a very strong element of creativity. From wall posters to screens hanging from the carriage ceiling.

Various Ad Spots

The advertising design on KRL is very creative. In addition, its placement in a strategic location. So many eyes will see it. Commuter line advertisement on body wrapping with a size of 2000 cm x 360 cm, 2 faces (2 spots) using vinyl sticker material.

In this ad it is very safe, because the car glass is free of stickers. Hand grip size 10 cm x 10 cm, 2 faces (80 spots) using material approval needed. Then there is wall branding measuring 45 cm x 80 cm (16 spots), vinyl sticker material.

In addition, there is a ceiling panel measuring 170 cm x 27 cm (14 spots), vinyl sticker material, and infra board. Then the standing panel also does not escape as a place for commuter line advertisements with a size of 0.66 mx 0.49 m (16 spots) vinyl stickers. After that, the seat cover is in the form of a print fabric measuring 1.30 m x 1.79 m.

The interior of the train door can be used to advertise with vinyl sticker material. It measures 1.3 m x 1.81 m (8 spots). With a note that the glass is free of stickers for safety and security. Then on the hangling alley with a size of 100 cm x 27 cm, 2 faces (16 spots) with vinyl sticker material and mica film.

The last advertisement uses LED Digital Alley. The size is 98 cm x 27 cm. There are 924 screens and a total of 1224 spots every day. Lighting time is from 5 am to 10 pm. For video format MP4 H.264 Frame Rate 25fps. In addition, there is Audio Format/Codec: AAC 48 khz 16 bit STEREO.

Commuter line advertising is very profitable because it is so creative. In addition, it has strategic spots in various places. The number of Jabodetabek KRL users reaching hundreds of thousands per day is the right target market, so many products and services are competing to advertise on the commuter line.

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