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Covid-19 Pandemic Virus Outbreak with Outdoor Advertising on the Jakarta Billboard

Covid-19 Pandemic Virus Outbreak with Outdoor Advertising on the Jakarta Billboard

2 Apr 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic virus outbreak that occurred since February in 2020 began in the city of Wuhan, China. Has a big impact on the whole world, including in Indonesia. Since when Mr. The President of Indonesia announced that his citizens had been infected with this virus. Indonesian people were shrouded in a sense of worry to protect themselves and their families at home. Even as of today for the victims has reached thousands of people who tested positive for the virus. Prevention efforts by the government and agencies are conveyed both through online and offline media. Even the world of outdoor advertising in Indonesia also contributed to support the prevention of transmission to pressure the total number of victims. One was the idea of client that pair of ads on billboards located in Jakarta such as in Down’s photo.

Billboard and LED photos in Jakarta (source by twitter @txtfrombrand)

Although the government has submitted a precautionary measure such as the one for companies large or small did WFH activities (Work From Home) in order to suppress the number of deployment. But in fact this cannot be done completely, there are still many offices that carry out work as usual. Based on this, the well-known brands made careful ideas in carefully marketing their product sales through outdoor advertising media. And apparently it gets a good response from the public, this too has become viral on social media. Through social media the Twitter brand received a lot of praise and support from the community in the midst of the current big epidemic.

Mediamove also as an outdoor advertising company contributed to the prevention of this virus outbreak. Through the LED Triangle in the city of Makassar by educating through video content. Among other things such as displaying prevention tips that can be done to maintain cleanliness, not only that mediamove also gave thanks to the medical staff to keep their spirits and fight in resolving this disease by being at the forefront. And invites people to stay at home, even though they cannot inside the house and must be outside. But still think of safety for yourself and family at home. Not only that, the Makassar Triangle LED also displays hospital telephone numbers that can treat patients from the covid-19 virus which are expected to be useful and informative. It is hoped that Indonesia will soon recover from this pandemic issue and everything returns to normal.

LED Triangle Makassar Photo