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Depok City Installs 90 Radio Frequency Identification Advertising Tags

Depok City Installs 90 Radio Frequency Identification Advertising Tags

8 Oct 2021

The Regional Finance Agency of Depok City has started to target 90 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to be installed on billboards. The purpose of this installation is to make it easier to monitor the implementation of advertisements.

Supply of 90 Radio Frequency Identification Tags

Head of Regional Tax I BKD Depok City, Yuli Puspita, said that to facilitate supervision, RFID was deliberately installed at nine points. The RFID installation will be carried out for the next 10 days.

The installation has been since September 15-19 2021. The BKD has deployed five to seven officers to install RFID on billboards in the Depok City area.

In a day the officers will install approximately 9 points. So for the next 10 days the installation target will be met properly.

Some people certainly don’t understand what 90 Radio Frequency Identification Tags are. RFID is a radio frequency identifier. The identification method works by using a transponder.

Its function is to store and retrieve data remotely. So that the use of this tool is very effective for monitoring. The term describes the existence of a system that transmits an identity with a unique serial form.

Basically RFID is grouped into several broad categories of automated identification technology. It is true that there are many technologies around us that use RFID. Now, Depok City will begin to take advantage of this advanced technology.

This technology utilizes radio waves to communicate between objects that have been tagged with the reader. That way it is useful for checking objects or goods and being able to send data. RFID has a mini antenna equipped with a chip to be programmed.

The Purpose of Depok City RFID Installation

The installation of 90 Radio Frequency Identification Tags in various areas of Depok City is not without purpose. Rather, it is to find out advertisement data and monitor the implementation of advertisements. The BKD also said that the tool was divided into two parts.

The first part is a mental tag that is useful as an advertisement marker. For the first part it can also be used as a reader or RFID. Its function is to read the data in the tag remotely. Meanwhile, the second tag is a paper tag whose function is to mark the billboards.

In addition to installing various types of RFID tags, the Depok City BKD also takes extra care. The goal is for the Tag to work optimally. Maintenance is carried out regularly so that the tool can operate as much as possible.

To carry out maintenance from RFID maintenance using the Depok City Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget. That way everything becomes more sophisticated and maximal. Depok City is ready to realize the best and safest billboard implementation.

How RFID Tags Work

The installation of 90 Radio Frequency Identification Tags in Depok City has a good purpose for the billboard monitoring program. However, some people still don’t understand how RFID works. Basically, RFID has two main parts that play a very important role in the surveillance process.

The first part is a microchip with the function of storing and processing all information. While the second part is the antenna to receive and send signals to the reader.

Each tag attached has a specific serial number. You need to know that the number is only valid for one object. So the tag numbers are different from one another.

With the installation of 90 Radio Frequency Identification Tags, there are serial numbers for a number of tags. This has become a basic rule in order to maintain the security and convenience of monitoring advertisements.

The existence of a reader is very useful for receiving and emitting electromagnetic waves. The signal is transmitted to the tag section using a mini antenna. If the signal is transmitted, the tag will automatically respond by providing information stored in the bank’s memory.

The tool is able to transmit information that has been read as well as new information. The purpose of the delivery comes from the tag to the Radio Frequency Identification computer program that is already installed on the device.

Expectations of RFID Installation on Advertisements

The Depok City BKD, Yuli, emphasized that the installation of 90 radio frequency identification tags is very useful for maintaining the security of advertisements. The reason is that without the need to conduct surveys one by one supervision can be done in an easy way.

Yuli also hopes that this installation can make it easier for officers to carry out supervision of the existence of billboards. So the existence of the tag provides more facilities for increased supervision.

Utilizing RFID tags makes it easier for field officers to check billboards. Later they can get the data directly without having to wait for a long process. Even the officers can also see the data carefully.

The existence of RFID means that field officers do not have to open an office to view the data. Everything can be done by utilizing today’s advanced technology.

It is hoped that the installation of 90 Radio Frequency Identification tags can be carried out by all regions of Indonesia. This makes it easier to control advertisements in various locations. Thus improving the quality and quality of the implementation of billboards or billboards in Indonesia.