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Fearless Night Handsaway di Paris, Kampanye Penerangan Billboard

Fearless Night Handsaway di Paris, Kampanye Penerangan Billboard

13 Aug 2021

Fearless Night Handsaway is a campaign aimed at women. Creating awareness of the potential level of sexual violence in the public, located in Paris.

With various news related to the existence of sexual violence against women at night. Make your own pressure so you can get home not too late.

Being outside at night and alone creates its own horror for women. Not only in some areas even big cities.

This has even been included in the ONDRP Environmental and Safety Survey. This gender minority must receive attention in order to feel safe even though they are alone at night.

Source Video : Instagram @tbwaparis

Fearless Night Handsaway in Paris

The location chosen was Paris, with 300 billboards or billboards lit up. Bright white that lights up digitally to light up frequently traveled and dark roads initially.

With a display 20% brighter than usual. They provide this facility from 9 pm to 7 am.

The women who pass by will be helped by this street lighting. Deliberately organizations working against sexism and sexual violence together with TBWA Paris.

Awareness of safety, anxiety of traveling at night women should get attention. Women have the same rights as men who are free to roam alone anywhere.

Curfew Removal

Starting from the abolition of the curfew which had become a public restriction. This is encouraging news and a positive celebration is needed.

Suitable for women with gender minorities around the world actually. Public security at night that does not get more attention.

So here comes Fearless Night Handsaway. Various dark areas that are far from the crowd but often passed by women.

The freedom to enjoy alone time on the streets. One of them is the women who have an interest in the night and its safety.

Campaign Goals

Simply put, we can certainly conclude for ourselves by installing billboards with 20% brighter lighting. Although this board is literally a promotional medium, it can actually function more.

They provide the latest breakthrough for automatic street lighting. The goal is simple, because women with gender minorities need safety at night.

Then the point is to clearly illuminate a dark area. Save the fear and anxiety for women and people who are alone at night.

Join hands to fight against sexual violence in public. This message is personally touching for women and has become a successful campaign in Paris.

Response Fearless Night Handsaway

Since this street lighting campaign has been running, it has successfully caught the attention of French citizens. Because the chosen location is 300 billboards scattered in several areas.

This clearly makes the women who travel at night become touched and feel grateful. They are always shrouded in a feeling of anxiety and discomfort when passing through some dark and eerie areas alone.

Now with this campaign, it has succeeded in making women comfortable. Even various national news discussed this campaign.

As a smart idea, using billboards as automatic lighting gets a positive response. Dual function apart from promotion but to make passersby safer.

Fearless Night Handsaway Credits

The agency working on this idea is TBWA/Paris. With brand managers named Alma and Guirao and Lucille Dupuy.

Meanwhile, the agency managers are Jonathan Serog and Julia Montagu. For the artistic directors Morgane Alexandre and Sébastien Skrzypczak, with El éonore Girard as producer.

We can watch it on TBWA/PARIS’s private YouTube channel. They provide documentation related to this one campaign.

This interesting idea can be an inspiration in the country too. In addition to being a promotional medium, billboards can be a savior of fear and anxiety in dark areas at night.

Source Photo : Instagram @tbwaparis

Positive Message

When looking back, Fearless Night Handsaway has criticized the culture of sexual harassment towards rape. Structural highlights of films such as Bunch of Dicks and commentary related to The Weight of Words.

This institution has a real impact on the deprivation of freedom of public space for women. In essence, everyone has the same right to be free from anxiety and worry for their own safety.

While anxiety itself is a mental attack that has become a culture for women, in my opinion. This happens not only in the city but throughout the region.

So the importance of education about awareness of trust and the right to be safe. Both women and men, wherever and whenever.

Fearless Night Handsaway is an interesting promotion and campaign. We should also make an example for the future in Indonesia. Double function and have a positive impact on the environment, not only materially but also morally.