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First Triangle LED Presence in Region CPI Makassar, South Sulawesi

First Triangle LED Presence in Region CPI Makassar, South Sulawesi

21 Oct 2019

As you know, if you follow developments from mediamove through social media. Especially the Instagram platform.Currently mediamove is participating in business development in the Makassar CPI region with the presence of the first LED Triangle on Sulawesi Island.

Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi, which is very famous. And entered as the number 5 largest city in Indonesia with a population of 1.7 million registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2015. Supported by continued economic growth makes the city of Makassar the main attraction of tourists to visit. Even over the past 5 years, Makassar’s economic growth has reached 8.23 percent and far exceeds the national economic growth of 5.15%. Here Mockup LED Trianggle located in Makassar CPI region.

mediamove makassar


The great development also helped bring the Center Point of Indonesia or commonly known by the acronym CPI. With its location in the western part of Makassar City, making CPI so easy to access. The area of 157 HA is the CitraLand City CBD area, and 50 HA was developed by the South Sulawesi Provincial Government for public facilities such as city parks, beaches, museums, places of worship and entertainment centers.

led makassar triangle cpi

By looking at the opportunities of the CPI region in the future, it will become an area that can apply the concept of City Friendly Advertising. Where the function of this CFA also beautifies the city layout or an area that adds value to its own charm in terms of advertising and the beauty of the city. CPI and its surroundings will be the focal point of the economy. This area will be filled with office towers and office parks which will become a commercial attraction and business opportunity growth.

Apart from that the area in CPI also has icons that attract tourists including:

a. Losari beach.

Losari Beach is one of the icons of the city of Makassar, and this beach has a special attraction for the community. Initially the beach was known as a fish market, in this place the community used it as a fish market, if it was late in the afternoon there would be traders selling peanuts, banana epe, snacks, and seafood dishes typical of Makassar. But now these stalls are relocated to a place not far from the beach, with the aim that tourists can still enjoy the beauty of the beach and can enjoy the sunset at Losari beach.

b. Amir al-mu’minin Mosque

One of the mosques that is still in the area near Losari Beach which is usually the Floating Mosque and became the first floating mosque in Indonesia. The mosque is built on a concrete pile pushed to the bottom of the sea and looks like a traditional stilt house in Makassar and Bugis. The location close to the iconic beach makes you have to visit this mosque when you are visiting Losari Beach.

c. 99 Dome Mosque

The new mosque was built in 2017 and was designed directly by the former Gurbernur West Java, Mr Ridwan Kamil. The 99 Dome Mosque was built on the reclaimed land of Losari Beach. Its large size becomes an amazing new sight. Its grandeur became a new icon of South Sulawesi.

Of Course CPI area becomes an interesting area when we visit Makassar City. MediaMove as an outdoor advertising company also contributes to business development in the CPI region. One of them is the presence of LED Triangle or 3 side view which is right at the Tanjung Bunga . This three-sided LED is the first LED in Makassar City and even in Sulawesi Island with a 3-sided display. This is certainly an attraction itself if you want to advertise in this iconic region. Intrigued by the rental price of the LED triangle in the CPI region?. Immediately contact us, promote your ad on the LED who will become one of the new icons in the CPI. Want to know the Details of Led Trianggle Makassar? Click here !