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How to Make Product Promotion Words in OOH Ads

How to Make Product Promotion Words in OOH Ads

9 Aug 2021

Need to make the words of the right promotional products. Promotional words are the most important part of conveying a message in OOH ads. Make sure you get the attention and can keep it. It lies in the perfect marketing tagline.

Your key message is not only easy for everyone to remember. But eventually will also share it with others. Not only does it contain text, there are funny and interesting pictures.

This will make it easier to remember. Later it will make a best main message. It also encourages every consumer to use the product.

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Here’s Some Words How to Make Promotional Products

OOH advertisements are usually at every airport, roadside, and bus stop. This is one of the advertising media that you can use. Even though it’s possible not to see it, you can still work around it.

Make sure to write interesting words and titles. For that, know some ways to arrange the words in the following OOH ads.

Visual Text

Regarding the size of the billboard, of course, it is not enough. When to be able to leave a real impression. Especially for every driver who is speeding on the highway, even while listening to music. The driver no longer pays attention to his surroundings.

Be sure to create an ad that is easy to read from a distance. By presenting strong ads and colors. It’s important to make product promotion words. If your brand or product has a fairly subdued color theme, you can try to incorporate it into a smaller logo.

That’s while using bolder colors in the main areas. Be sure to keep your message brief. In addition, it also looks solid and very visible. The design side also needs to be considered when creating an ad. As well as the use of fonts, writing styles, color combinations, and others.

If you want to create a lot of ads, make sure you have consistency. On the use of colors, font types, and include the product logo. This makes it easier to remember. By using a different font size between the title and description. Choose a larger font size for ad titles. While choosing a smaller font for the contents of the paragraph.

Make sure to keep the paragraphs as short as possible in the words of product promotion. In addition, provide space or white space. It is between one paragraph to another. If necessary, use bullet points or numbering. Mention the specifications or features in the form of bullet points to clarify the description at each point.


You can try to remember each audience. By adding special terms and acronyms. This will help make the ad more memorable for everyone. Make sure the message can make memories. Certainly not even exclusive. Should also not hesitate to embed a humorous message.

Substitution of phrases that are fairly intelligent are certainly suitable for some companies. To create an attractive description of the product promotion words. Usually it doesn’t just contain the specifications, features, and benefits. By giving a little emotional touch. This is to make the product message more effective.


You do need to be responsible for the image and text of the product. Given that the ad will be seen by all ages. So there is no filter or limit on the message. So that unique phrases that are in the form of satire may not be dangerous.

Although it can be accepted, it should be done with caution. In addition, text and images are likely to be quite socially sensitive. It even has the potential to have a negative impact on certain ethnicities or religions. Of course also have to handle it with care.


Make product promotion words that are simple and easy to remember. The trick is to choose a language that is common and easy to understand. It is better to avoid convoluted explanations. This is so as not to make the audience bored. You just have to impress him enough.

But also not confusing. Many spend 3 seconds per post looking at social media. Its main message is that it encourages and inspires curiosity. So as the best way to attract the attention of readers.


You can broaden your thinking about billboards. Billboards with a formal shape don’t seem like your brand image. By using designs such as wall murals and chalk writing. In addition, there are hand-drawn designs. Later it will give a very different feel. It’s also likely to match your brand. Creating a unique message needs to combine it with a unique design as well.

This is so that it can attract people’s interest to read it. Use simple language with appropriate word choices. The title of the ad certainly has an important role. By making it as attractive as possible so that people are more interested.

By making product promotion words as attractive as possible, it is so that everyone who sees it will easily remember it.

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