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How to Promote Products According to Target Market and Branding

How to Promote Products According to Target Market and Branding

23 Jun 2021

How to promote products to reach the right target market. Product is one of the goods that we can offer to the public with identity characteristics.

To get the maximum benefit, we should pay attention to the right way. Well, to meet the target market or do the right marketing, we must know for sure the target market of the products we make.

This is included in the marketing objectives. So, it would be nice if we have a real picture. Starting a business right to benefit us.

Know How to Promote Products on Target

Some of these ways you can try in marketing the product. Business will be more developed and widely known by using the right promotion.

Discount or Cashback

If you are starting a business, you should use this method. Using this strategy will make us experience an increase in turnover.

Giving discounts will make customers interested in buying. In addition, the characteristics of the consumptive society of the country can be utilized properly.

Buyers tend to like promotions that include discounts. They will be happy to buy with the lure of discounts or cashback.

How to promote products like this should be done regularly. Like when a birthday, once a month, or on a certain date.

Give Free Shipping

How to promote products by providing free shipping will make buyers flock. When providing online purchases, include free shipping.

This will make buyers more excited to shop. The reason is, they will not think about the cost of sending it home.

Especially for people who are outside the city. This will provide an advantage for their postage which tends to be expensive.

Booth In Event

The way to make our products better known is to participate in events. Just like when we expand relationships, products are the same.

When participating in installing our brand in an event, it is the same as advertising. Automatically people who come will read the writing that is plastered.
So make the booth as attractive and straightforward as possible, promotions will be more effective if done in the right way.

In addition, promotions using booths also tend to be cheaper than other types. Especially if the event is in accordance with the branding that we uphold.

We can pay attention to how to promote this right product. Does the event have anything to do with the product we are advertising at that time? If they have a relationship with each other, it will highlight the product more.


We can use this online marketing strategy well. The digital era has a huge positive impact if we use it properly.

One way to provide easy marketing to customers is using the website. You can arrange this online magazine in such a way.

Include the product to be sold as detailed and attractive as possible. Opportunities like this are very effective in disseminating the promotion effectively.

Not only that, just using online media, we don’t have to bother going out of the house. During a pandemic like this, online purchases are also preferred by the public.

Social Media Quiz

The next way to promote products is to use social media. In this digital era, almost no one is absent from opening the internet every day.

They open and scroll pages in a day whenever they have time to even place them. It’s like entertaining yourself when you can’t do other activities.

Now doing promotion with social media seems quite easy and effective. Try to create social media specifically for the product or brand to be sold.

Create a distinctive branding and become an attractive feature for consumers. This will make buyers always remember your product because it has its own identity.

Creating this quiz will attract social media users who are interested in following the product account. So we can be sure that the product has increased in existence.

Install Billboard or Videotron

How to promote products by installing billboards in strategic areas. If we pay attention to some well-known products, we must dare to install them in areas or main roads that are busy with traffic.

This is a smart promotion. The reason, will be the main concern. When we are at a red light, for example, our eyes will indirectly focus on the nameplate or clearly displayed writing.

Just like this, billboards will attract the attention of passers-by or just passing by. Well, over time it will make the riders become familiar with our products.
Estimated correctly that promotions like this would be a bit of a drain on the wallet. So we should do it when the business is going well.

This way of product promotion that we can do is an alternative that can be tried. Make sure to do it right.

If you have a desire to promote products with outdoor advertising such as Billboard or Videotron, you can contact us. We help in finding a suitable location point for your product by calling us at 08111 – 24 – 0116