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Installing Advertising Products With Billboards in Jakarta Still Interested, Why?

Installing Advertising Products With Billboards in Jakarta Still Interested, Why?

9 Apr 2019

Who is not familiar with billboards or OOH? Advertising boards on the roadside in Jakarta. Which displays clearly about a brand and makes people who cross the road as their target market. And in the days of the digital era, there are many brands that market their products with billboard / advertisement for sale.

So why billboard / advertisement in Jakarta is still functioning?

With the large selection of media to promote a product, outdoor advertising does not directly appear as the top option. Digital advertising and e-mail campaigns offer far better targeting. Advertising on TV is also more dynamic. What are doing outdoor advertising that makes it special?

People spend so much time in front of the well screen, cell phone or computer to make them tend to be lazy to look at the pop-up ads almost appear cetiap time with diverse forms. But when they see billboards, road signs or other interesting objects, they take a moment to see them. For brands, the moment that makes the difference between irrelevance and interests. Outdoor advertising is most effective nondigital media to generate online activities. Paths of outdoor advertising to increase revenue is very easy, but success depends entirely on execution. Brands do not just need to expand their presence on the outside, but also to create a memorable experience that maximizes their advertising budgets. Jakarta is the right target market because it is the capital of the State of Indonesia which became large and populous city. So it is suitable for marketing a brand or advertising. Want to know the strategic location to advertise in Jakarta? Easily find the location here