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Internet Business For The Future can you Starting Now

Internet Business For The Future can you Starting Now

18 Jul 2019

Every year there are always new trends in online business in Indonesia. Sell by dropship, reseller, or sell your own products. And the increasing number of internet business enthusiasts also created a new online business trend, namely the emergence of various online business and community learning courses from internet marketers.

Then what will be the trend of the Internet business in the future? Actually it can already be seen in the 2019’s. The habits of internet users in Indonesia and online services are increasingly needed by the community to shape trends in the coming years. The following are some internet business models that are predicted to be booming in the future:

1.Business Courses Online

Most people are now very concerned about their skills because it could be a support for future career. Not only education from elementary school to college level, additional curriculum also becomes very important. And unique now in the era of the modern era people can do these courses online. And fields in the study are very diverse as science of Internet marketing, graphic design, photoshop and others.

2. Business Graphic Design Services

Next, a graphic design business is one business opportunity online that will increasingly booming later. These opportunities arise because of the high users of social media such as Instagram and Facebook who posted the content-visual content for online marketing purposes. As we know, there are now many requests to create interesting visual content, be it pictures or videos. These requests usually come from the online business and also companies who need graphic design at an affordable cost.

3. Article Writing Services Business and Copywriters

The growth of portal websites and also various professional blogs makes the business potential of article writing services more attractive and promising. Plus if you have a basic knowledge of SEO and knowing how to use persuasive language, then this is an added value. The reason, the average owner’s website and blog now prefers writers who understand basic SEO and could affect the reader to published content will be optimized in the search engines and social media.

4. Business Online Marketing Services

Several types of online marketing that is most widely used today is Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Blogging and SEO. Online marketing will continue to evolve, but the types of online marketing through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and SEO, is predicted to still have a large portion of the most in demand by the online business.

5. Become a Famous Youtuber

Being a YouTuber is often considered not a promising profession, some of my friends say so. In fact, there are many Indonesian YouTubers who make money from YouTube and become famous people. Just mention Tara Arts, Erdwin Susanto Wijaya, Eka Gustiawan, Bayu Skak, and others. If you see their channel on YouTube with a number of subscribers, then we can know that the earning potential of these YouTubers is very promising.

6. Being Influencers in Social Media or Buzzer

In fact, the profession or buzzer influencers in social media is not a new thing anymore. We could easily find the buzzer in social media, such as the artists who promote a product on their Instagram. Actually in social media such as Twitter and Facebook are still quite a lot of us find the buzzer. But usually the online business that sells on the internet more effectively assume Instagram for marketing with the help of the buzzer.

7. Build a Startup Digital Media

You’ll often find a new portal website on the internet, or blogs that discuss a particular topic. These are digital media startups that discuss specific topics according to the interests and expertise of the developers. The content presented does not have to be heavy and does not have to do in-depth research. Often this digital media content about news or information that is packaged in an attractive way, for example in the form of creative article, image, and video.

8. The Booming Online Shop

Internet users in Indonesia is getting bigger every year, and this is a market that is very ‘tasteful’ for the online business, especially the online shop. This is also supported by the increasing trust of the Indonesian people to online sellers because of the increasing number of trusted online shops in Indonesia. Not only the big players who enjoy this online market, the small players also get a promising portion of the online market. Some small players who have only relied on marketplaces like Bukalapak and Tokopedia. Even more new players will emerge and make online shop competition more saturated. However, with such a large market, online shop players will not lose prospective buyers.

9. Business Development Services Website / Blog

For some people, creating a website / blog is not something complicated. However, more people don’t understand how to make a website, or they don’t want to bother and bother making a website / blog for their business. Even though this businessman is quite common in Indonesia, it turns out that the business potential of creating websites / blogs in Indonesia is still quite promising. Even some website creation service providers also offer internet marketing services to their clients. Usually people who need a website / blog creation service are small entrepreneurs who don’t understand about making a website. Or it could be companies, government agencies, and those who need people who are competent in creating and managing a website. In addition to those mentioned above, there are actually a few ideas online business is quite promising. However, taking into account the current developments, trends later Internet business will not be far from the points mentioned above.