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Jerome Polin Puts Up An Apology Billboard To Parents That Makes You Emotional

Jerome Polin Puts Up An Apology Billboard To Parents That Makes You Emotional

8 Oct 2021

Jerome Polin put up a Billboard for his parents as an apology and an expression of his longing. The figure of this famous Youtuber is being discussed by netizens.

The point of the spotlight is not on the controversial issue, but rather on the installation of billboards or billboards as his choice to represent his longing heart for his beloved parents.

Location and Purpose of Jerome Polin Placing a Heartwarming Message Billboard

This Youtuber is still studying in Japan for almost 2 years. Billboard became his choice as a surprise for his parents. Jerome Polin poured writings and photos of his father and mother with the contents of an apology.

Jerome admits that he misses him because he has been studying for almost 5 years and has not been able to return to Indonesia.

This content creator is indeed quite horrendous in cyberspace because of the writing of open letters in an unusual way. But this action is enough to make netizens touched and give their best appreciation.

Billboards containing an expression of longing for his parents have been installed in Surabaya and Jakarta.

Contents of Jerome Polin’s Phrases in Billboard

Jerome Polin not only put up on billboards, but also on his Instagram account which saw billboards displaying photos of Jerome’s family consisting of his father Marojahan Sijabat and mother Chrissie Rahmanisa.

The contents of Jerome Polin’s longing expression on a Billboard: “Hello Mama and Papa! You must be surprised to see this? Sorry, Jerome hasn’t been able to come home from two years ago…. Jerome really misses you!…” This is the word written on the billboard that was uploaded on his personal Instagram account.

From here he also expressed his apologies for not being able to go home. The message through this billboard was conveyed well enough to make his parents emotional.

Expression Thank You From  Jerome Polin

“I can’t believe I’ve been at this Japanese University for almost 5 years and I’ll be graduating soon. Thank you so much, Mom, for being there for Jerome to this day. Jerome can’t get to this point without the support and prayers of Papa Mama. Jerome is lucky to be Papa’s son. and mama,” said Jerome.

Messages and expressions of gratitude are written on the billboard. A form of gratitude for the support from his parents in his life choices so that he can continue his education to Japan.

Expression of Promise For Parent’s Jerome

In the contents of Jerome Polin’s billboard, there is also an expression of promise to his parents who will always make them happy and do their best so that they are proud of Jerome.

“Jerome promises to always make you happy. Stay healthy, dad, stay strong. For the best mom and dad Jerome has in this world. Greetings from Jerome Polin. The writing on this billboard shows the impression of his best promise that can be read by everyone.

Parent’s Surprised Reaction and Jerome’s Post on Instagram

Jerome shared some photos after his papa and mama took pictures under Jerome’s billboard. He even said that the billboards were installed on Jalan Tidar, Surabaya and Jakarta.

This content creator also shared a screenshot of the family chat that depicts the two of them being surprised and happy with the billboard that Jerome installed.

The father said he was touched by Jerome Polin’s treatment of installing Billboard. Even his father admitted that he had goosebumps and was very moved and did not expect Jerome to give this best surprise.

Jerome expressed his gratitude to his brother who helped in many ways to prepare for the installation and realization of billboards for his parents.

Through his older brother, Jehian Panangian Sijabat, Jerome managed to express his heart through this best billboard open letter.

Meanwhile, her mother sent a photo of her affectionate expression sticker to Jerome. Mama felt Jerome’s sweet treatment and made her shocked and touched that she couldn’t express her surprise.

Top Content Creator Profile

Jerome Polin installed this Billboard with a profile, his full name is Jerome Polin Sijabat with the nickname Jerome. His stage name is Jerome Polin/Nihongo Mantappu. Place of birth date is Surabaya, May 2, 1998 with the age of 22 years.

Jerome is an Indonesian citizen. Christianity. Parents named Marojahan Sijabat (Papa), Chrissie (mama). The names of Jehian Panangian Sijabat’s older brother and Jesferrel Porman Sijabat’s younger brother.

Jerome studied Waseda University Japan. Jerome’s hobbies are playing music, watching movies and reading. His current profession is Student and Youtuber.

Best Messaging Billboard

Not only for advertising, but also to send messages and miss parents. This billboard is the best billboard that offers a different and unique look.

The presence of Jerome’s message billboard made everyone touched and very proud of Jerome for using an unusual method and using the billboard. Jerome Polin’s Billboard has been successful and has become a trending topic.

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