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Local Brand in Time Square, Investigate Budget and How to Order

Local Brand in Time Square, Investigate Budget and How to Order

10 Sep 2021

Local brands appear in Time Square, so netizens talk. How much does it cost to advertise at one of those legendary New York locations?

It’s not the first time for local brands to use this marketing strategy. Various local people who have triumphed in this country deliberately place advertisements to attract the attention of foreigners.

Improve the branding image of a brand by choosing popular locations. Using one type of promotion that is back in trend lately.

OOH Advertising, which stands for Out of Home Advertising. A type of ad that uses a strategic location and a few public places to attract an audience.

Local Brand Mejeng in Time Square

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion again because one of the brands from Indonesia is broadcasting at the legendary crossroads. The clothing brand is ERIGO, adopting the concept of streetwear.

It’s not the first time for an Indonesian brand to appear on Time Square. However, this is still a concern.

Because not all brands can perform for a sufficient duration to steal the attention of foreigners. This is where the great local brand is being loved by young people in this country.

But after this, a new question arises. How much should the brand spend to be able to show with the duration of the video?

Time Square Advertising Fee

This local brand in Time Square is a concern. According to one of the world’s OOH advertising service companies, named TPS Engage, to install a billboard size on the Reuters Building or Thomson Reuters will cost up to Rp. 2.4 million/hour.

The cost in dollars reaches US $ 170 with an exchange rate of Rp. 14 217, so the price we mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Building has a higher price.

The price reaches US $ 2,160, in rupiah it reaches Rp. 30 million/hour. However, the provision is only one hour per day for ten days, so the total is around Rp. 307 million.

We will get different prices for each building. The more popular the location, the higher the price, so if your brand is interested in installing it in this location, prepare some budgets in this range.

Then How to Place Ads in Time Square?

This local brand in Time Square is a trigger for healthier competition. Various homeland brands are being challenged to be able to compete with each other.

By increasing sales and quality. Intensively promoting domestically in order to get better insight and value for traffic.

Because the key is to be able to advertise, we must have a good assessment for the country first. Now, you can only expand your network abroad.

The method is quite easy to be able to advertise on this popular place. You don’t need to worry, just pay attention to the following steps.

Website Agency

To be able to advertise reliably on Time Square we need to visit the website. Offer instant display to the public by filling out a form.

We can choose these ads in several types of packages. Starting from a duration of 30 seconds with a period every one hour. Then 30 seconds in the second period of the clock.

Then at 5 am with 30 seconds in a 95 minute period. We can adjust everything to the needs and target audience according to the product brand.

We will certainly have a target audience in various products. Well, use this to choose the package so that it is not useless in the selection.

Fill out the form

Local brands mejeng in Time Square by registering to an online website. We will be asked to register starting from the name, the contact they can contact for more information.

Using an active email and phone number of course. After that, the photo requirements will be the material for the promotional ad.

There is a service offer to adjust the size of the ad later. Start by resizing and cropping them, as the ideal image to mount is usually 1280px wide, 20px high and with 72 DPI resolution.

Things like this certainly make it easier for clients, right? So with a high enough price, you will not be disappointed because the results of the broadcast are broken and do not match the marketing objectives.

Indonesian Brands That Have Been In Time Square

Some of the local brands mejeng in Time Square below may be familiar to you. ERIGO is one of the newest brands to appear.

Whereas previously brands such as Sabine and Heem, Nona Rara, Reclays, Mrs Nursing Wear. Letter In Pine, BohoPanna, Soleram, Sideline, Koze, Wearstatuquo, Bonnels, Owners Worldwide, Noore and T.V.F.

This shows that the country’s products have competitive quality to the international market. Now it’s our job to be more proud and use a variety of local products in a variety of daily needs.

The local brand that is standing in Time Square is a healthy competition between brands. So are you interested in using OOH Ads located in New York?

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