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Maintenance of the Senayan Monorail Pole

Maintenance of the Senayan Monorail Pole

18 Oct 2021

Sobat WeMove must have known this location in the Senayan area. It’s true that the monorail pole is MediaMove’s media which has 34 faces with 14 monorail poles. When you pass the area of Jl. Asia Africa is sure to meet this unique billboard or neonbox in Jakarta.

How not with the form of media that is lined up with repetitions when viewed, and is at an intersection or a red light. The Senayan area is a premium and strategic area, you could say it is an area or gathering point in the midst of the busy people of Jakarta. It is located close to the office area, shopping as well as a place for sports.

Monthly Routine Maintenance

Currently the Senayan monorail pole is filled by our client. To support the performance of ad serving that was running last week, the MediaMove team carried out monthly maintenance. Checking the lights on the media that are out and doing physical checks where the media is functioning properly.

Every month the operational team from MediaMove performs routine maintenance. Equipped with K3 (Occupational Health and Safety) equipment which is already the standard of team readiness when working in the field. After that, we report the results of this maintenance to the client every month.

MediaMove as a media owner will continue to provide maximum service to our clients. Apart from our strategic location, the mandate and trust of the brand/client is our responsibility. Professionally MediaMove will help your brand campaign, ask us where your advertising needs are.