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Make Interesting Ads at Mall Area

Make Interesting Ads at Mall Area

14 Nov 2022

Being one of the goals of the community in their activities, the Mall is the right area to convey information and promotions, then how to make unique promotional materials to attract attention and impress, here are some tips for advertising inside the Mall:

1. Utilizing Empty Areas

For example, using the empty area under the escalator to place a Giant Replica of your product


2. Escalator

Using the escalator can also attract the attention of visitors to interact directly with our product campaigns.

3. Elevator

Indeed, the example below is quite chilling especially if you have a phobia of heights, but the creative execution of the promotional campaign was made by Swiss Skydive.

4. Mall’s Ceiling

By linking the product and architectural design of the Mall, the Alice Wonderland film is very clever in capturing the Mall area to be used as a rabbit hole in the film Alice in Wonderland.

5. NeonBox Mall Board

Inside the Mall, sometimes several spots are installed with Neon Boxes, which can be used for interesting promotions, for example, the UGLY BETTY series which is again linking the main role in the film which is “ugly” so the poster is also covered with a paper bag.

those are some tips for utilizing the area inside the mall as a promotional medium. Have other interesting ideas?