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Marketing Strategy with Creative Outdoor Billboards

Marketing Strategy with Creative Outdoor Billboards

4 May 2021

Creative billboards are a marketing strategy that has been introduced for a long time. We usually find billboards on roads or toll roads of various sizes so that everyone can see them from a distance. Billboards are also often known as billboards in which not only commercial information, but also non-commercial announcements. Most of the content of a billboard is a large slogan or image that the public can remember.

For this reason, it is necessary to consider short content that can make an impression on the minds of motorists and pedestrians if a billboard is placed at an intersection. Uniquely, even this example of a billboard can be used as a means of sponsoring promotion on television as well. Usually by taking a crossroads as the background, advertisements are shown with pictures and sentences of certain products. Indirectly, in addition to acting as an offline advertising medium, it also participates in collaboration with advances in digital technology.

Some of the reference materials that are often used as materials for making creative billboards include fiberglass, cloth, glass, metal, and also wood. Each material has its own advantages which certainly support the advertising of various products.

Billboard Outdoor Advertising Media Functions

In simple terms we have been further introduced to creative billboards or billboards. Not just an ordinary board, but has a number of functions, such as:

1. Acting as a promotional media that is placed outside the room so that the reach of the audience can be wider.

2. Can be used as an introduction, reinforcement, and reminder of a brand and information in it to anyone who reads or just looks at it.

3. It is considered the most powerful information, apart from the Jakarta videotron, because even if people glance at a glance, if the design and the affirmation sentence are clearly printed, the complete information will be received as well.

4. The company’s strategy to get public attention, even if the content contains controversy or makes the reader frown.

Underline point number 4, sometimes when reading billboards, we are amazed by the slogans and sentences in it. It seems absurd or ridiculous, but it is precisely these strange things that stick in our memory so that it is difficult for us to forget. Outdoor advertising in the form of creative billboards is arguably the blink of an eye promotional media because in just a moment people can understand what is in it. No wonder the placement is mostly on highways and intersections because from a distance people can already grasp the meaning.

Types of Advertising Based on the Design

Talking about creative billboards, it seems that we will focus on the billboards that are often installed on the highway. Even though there are many types of billboards, including:

1. Inflatables

This type of inflatables is quite unique in that the concept adds a bit of 3-dimensional parts to a 2-dimensional plane. For example, a paint advertisement with a 3D object is a person who seems to be holding a brush so that the billboard board looks like a wall.

2. Poster Panel

This panel poster is visible to the eye like a banner, but what distinguishes it is that the size of the panel poster is much larger than the banner. In addition, it is placed on sturdy media, such as flexy paper, which will stand upright even in the wind and rain.

3. Neon Box

Neon box in the form of a box, round, or other with text or images lit from the effect of lights around the media. Usually synonymous with notification media or information about a store so that customers know where their store is, even from a distance.

4. Prismatext

This prismatext is like a neonbox, but what distinguishes it is that there is a change of object at some time. The object does not move, as in the videotron Jakarta, but is like a slide changing from one part to another.

5. Geometrics

At first glance, people will see a type of geometric billboard such as a 3-dimensional board that provides certain information. However, the fact is that this visualization is only an illusion so that it gives a more attractive impression, even though the fact is not 3 dimensional.

6. Neonsign

Neonsign is not much different from the neonbox, but in terms of shape it clearly has differences. Neonsign is in the form of certain letters or icons that can emit light from the lights when setting up Jakarta billboards.

To improve marketing strategies, creative billboards can be used by large companies and start-up businesses. Can be placed at intersections or highways or in front of a shop where you trade or sell services.

Outdoor Advertising Board Creative Ideas

Are you one of those people who needs creative billboard reference ideas to introduce a product or business to the audience?

Here are some creative outdoor billboard design ideas from several countries. Some of them are from Indonesia, what are they? This is it:

1. Allstate Car Insurance, USA

This car insurance company from the United States has a unique way to advertise its services. They choose the high floor of a building to put up a billboard equipped with an illustration as if a car will fall from the floor of the building.

2. Formula, Indonesia

Billboard Jakarta is no less unique in terms of ideas to show marketing creativity. One of them we often encounter on the highway, a Formula advertisement with a man biting a billboard until it looks like the iron is coming off, but of course this is an illusion.

3. Oldtimer, Austria

A restaurant in Austria advertises its restaurant by placing a billboard in the tunnel so that all passing vehicles seem to be swallowed up by the object in the advertising medium. This indicates all things can be eaten from the Oldtimer restaurant menu.

4. Panasonic, Indonesia

The thing that is no less unique than number 2 in Indonesia, which is advertised is a nose trimmer. Uniquely, the advertisement is made as if a man with super long nose hair is attached to the advertisement media and needs the trimmer immediately.

Of course you don’t need to imitate the advertising style above exactly, but the creative ideas can be used as a reference when you need a creative billboard. The more unique the design, the easier and longer people will remember the advertised product.

Billboards Forms in Indonesia

More broadly, the billboard itself has 4 forms, including horizontal front light, horizontal back light, vertical front light, and vertical back light. True to its name, the horizontal creative billboard is longer to the side. While the vertical ones will form longer upwards. Then for the position of the lights, front light means that the lights are placed at the front of the billboard. Meanwhile, for the back light, the lights are placed on the back of the billboard, either vertically or horizontally.

The use of these lights really supports the effectiveness of advertising, especially at night or in dark weather. It also supports the delivery of messages to drivers and audiences from a distance, even when driving in smooth road conditions. Need a creative advertising board with a unique style to support product marketing? let’s, contact Mediamove on WhatsApp number 08111240116 right now. Or if you have visited the web, just go to the bottom right and click the WhatsApp icon available.