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McDonalds Singapore Partners with Stellar Ace Through OOH Advertisement

McDonalds Singapore Partners with Stellar Ace Through OOH Advertisement

5 Dec 2021

McDonalds Singapore partnered with Stellar Ace recently to seek to increase customer base by advertising through OOH. Previously Stellar Ace or SMRT media was Singapore’s largest digital media company. His job is to offer advertising space placed on billboards.

In this case, Stellar Ace is also partnering with Near which is able to improve the digital system in the OOH space. The existence of this collaboration builds a very creative work for promotion. Of course embracing various supervisions and creative people in reaching the target market.

McDonalds Singapore Partners With Stellar Ace

The existence of a partnership of two advertising camps brings traditional OOH towards a digital system. The rapid development of the technology world is able to support the latest promotions for McDonalds. Currently, billboards can also be directly connected to many people, making it easy to reach targets.

Basically, big opportunities will be obtained because the installation of billboards or digital screens always pays attention to a strategic location. Usually found in all train stations, bus stations, and other public areas.

This is the best step to build a business that is increasingly flooded by customers. There are various goals or objectives of using OOH advertising on business sales prospects, namely:


– Increased customer interest and desire to come to the store

– Aims to increase awareness of the feasibility and quality of a product or processed McDonalds


McDonalds Singapore partnered with Stellar Ace who must have made plans or visions for the future. Promotion using traditional advertising systems is now difficult to develop. Everyone has switched to using modern or digital advertising.

OOH is an example of an advertising option that has now penetrated the digital world. Basically the OOH format is in the form of billboards, advertisements for bus stops, subways, and so on. Through the development of increasingly intelligent technology, promotion is now able to guarantee that the advertisement reaches the target or audience according to the target.

Even the promotion will be more famous to a wide reach. Not a few who disseminate these ads through social devices. They use social media as a way to reach their targets.

Quick Takeaway

Currently McDonalds Singapore is partnered with Stellar Ace which relies on OOH. Maybe there are still many who don’t know what OOH is. The definition of Out of Home is a non-digital and non-program advertisement which is known as outdoor media.

Technically this ad is specifically for the promotion of crowded public areas. When someone encounters a large billboard while traveling long distances, it is an example of an OOH advertisement. Sending messages to audiences takes advantage of common areas that have the potential to increase sales.

Then there is DOOH or digital out of home which gets support from AdTech. In this case it will help the advertising process through tracking, retargeting, personalization, attribution and measurement.

Stellar Ace partnering with Near is the world’s largest source of intelligence. It is even able to retarget the promotional audience digitally. In addition, it also takes accurate measurements that will reap the success of McDonalds Singapore’s OOH campaign.


McDonalds Singapore partnering with Stellar Ace will get the following promotional benefits.

– The reach of customers is getting wider. This means that the business is increasingly experiencing an increasing existence out there.

– Able to retarget potential customers through mobile advertising

– In this case will create a new strategy as well as measure steps to move forward on the encouragement of OOH advertising.

– Estimate the return from OOH


The platform from Adtech Stellar Ace has a statefi called Ace Biota. This has the potential to increase smarter ad purchases. McDonalds Singapore partnering with Stellar Ace will reap huge benefits.

They are able to reap more detailed consumer data analytics. This is one of the plans in taking the campaign. Through Stellar Ace is able to track commuters who see ads using the device ID.

That way, it will be easy to retarget via Smartphone. Consumers will get very attractive promotional offers via mobile phones.

McDonald’s Singapore partnering with Stellar Ace has the potential to bring in a lot of customers. later customers who come will be closely related to OOH ads. Customers get many attractive bonuses from McDonalds.

To enable campaigns to be accurately measured, Near utilizes a comprehensive database and demographics all common attributes between multiple customers. So it is very clear that there is an increase in customers visiting McDonalds.

In this case the result will be very clear. It all depends on a well-organized strategy. The implementation of the strategy will determine the success of OOH advertising.

McDonalds Singapore’s efforts to partner with Stellar Ace will reap maximum results. This is because everything has been well planned. In fact, it has been proven that OOH can increase business sales.