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Branding Monorail Pole as a Premium Alternative Advertising Media

Branding Monorail Pole as a Premium Alternative Advertising Media

14 Jan 2019

In 2011-2012 at Senayan area, especially on the streets of Asia Africa at that time there were many billboards of sizes 6×12 and 8×16, standing in a row on side of the road, there is dozens of billboards. excludes added banners lined up in the park at the road, especially when there was an event in the Gelora Bung Karno.

Highest interested from clients to ads in that area, unfortunately makes the area looks messy with billboards. Even though at that time there was a regional arrangement, there were still ads that appeared. The provincial government was serious about arranging the Gelora Bung Karno Zone, proved one by one cleaned mess ads, and billboard permits were tightened.

High demand, but limited space make us think of maximizing existing media. Along the median of the road starting from the back of the MPR / DPR building Until the front of the Senayan Plaza lined up the pillars, the monorail width was at least 1 meter and high 8 meters.

The unfinished project poles are often scribbled with graffiti so that it looks mess. We are thinking, rather than adding to the growing billboard, why not use the pole to advertise. And it turned out that our interest in using the pole as an advertising medium received a positive response. From the pole owner at that time namely the Jakarta Monorail. As a result the line of monorail, starting from the front of the Noble Hotel to the plaza senayan. We turned it into a medium for advertising with 4 interesting sides.

And response from the client was quite good, even though at the beginning they were still waiting & seeing, it turned out that it was proven that the location could be installed Ad one by one other clients joined us.

In addition to the GBK, we also managed monorail poles under the ownership of another Jakarta Monorail. Including poles along HR Rasuna Said Jakarta.

In addition to increasing revenue for the Jakarta Monorail, it also provides tax revenues for the DKI Jakarta provincial government.