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“Not Passing Censorship” Ads Spread in Jakarta

“Not Passing Censorship” Ads Spread in Jakarta

2 Dec 2020

Not literally, but the advert is a campaign from Compass Shoes in collaboration with Japanese streetwear, Fxxckingrabbits or FR2. The minimalist yellow ad design with a white rabbit along with the headline “This Ad Does Not Pass Censorship” in Jakarta made the public curious, many people immortalized and went viral on social media.

Previously, Compass had released the results of the collaboration in Japan and it ran out in a short time. As stated in the advertisement, on November 28, 2020, the shoe, named #FXXKINGCOMPASS, was again released in Indonesia and Japan. Compass announced that the shoes were available and could be purchased directly through Tokopedia at 12.00 WIB.

Through the caption on the Instagram Compass posted, this collaboration shoe was inspired by the adaptation culture of China which is popular in Japan, namely “Red Thread of Fate” or “Takdir Benang Merah”. This culture is a condition in which a couple will tie their fingers with a red thread before marriage. This culture is apparently also carried out in Indonesia under the name Sangjit tradition which is carried out by Chinese descendants.


This culture is the main inspiration for Compass and FR2 in their collaboration. Can be seen in the photo, there is a red thread tied embroidered with rabbits. The buyer must cut the red thread like an inauguration before wearing it.

This collaboration shoe is available in two editions, so the edition released in Indonesia and the edition released in Japan have a slight difference in design. The difference lies in the color of the shoes, the Indonesian edition is black with a white sole, while the Japanese edition is the opposite.

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The Compass and FR2 collaboration not only produces shoes, but also provides tote bags, clothes, hats, and socks. F&B is also seen being included in this collaboration, by adding a rabbit icon to the burger food.

The branding campaign carried out by Compass by distributing “not passing censorship” advertisements has succeeded in capturing public attention . Not only using videotron, Compass and FR2, they even packed the MRT Jakarta station and the train to be yellow.

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