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OOH or Out of Home Advertising in Indonesia and How to Advertise

OOH or Out of Home Advertising in Indonesia and How to Advertise

10 Sep 2021

OOH or Out of Home Advertising is one of the promotional media that is outside the home. Using public spaces and various public facilities that have a wide audience.

One of the current trends. Not only in the country but also in various parts of the developed world.

This proves the existence of this media is increasing. In contrast to mass media or social media which uses unpredictable algorithms.

This media is more focused on the target audience or clients. So do not be surprised if more and more people use it for promotion.

OOH or Out of Home Advertising in Indonesia

Indonesia is a developing country that has started to take advantage of this media. Especially in some big cities and busy traffic.

For example, in the Bekasi area, large billboards are installed on highways. Inscribed with the slogan “BEKASI BARU, BEKASI BERSIH”. Then there is a photo of one of the officials explaining the eight programs that he will make a promise when advancing to a certain position.

This shows that promotional media like this have started to enter the country. The consideration of using big boards in various strategic locations is quite appropriate.

Not only promotion in the form of products from a brand only. Now campaigns for various purposes are starting to use this one medium.

How to Advertise OOH?

Well, we will provide a reference when you consider using this media. The method is easy and uncomplicated, it will be very effective for whatever you are going to advertise.

The first is to determine the type first. Because this media uses an outdoor and strategic location, there are several options for you to choose from.


The first and most people use is a large board that is often plastered on the streets. We often call it billboards or even billboards.

Installation in strategic locations and busy traffic will create a profitable audience. In addition, now following technological developments, it comes with a more attractive LED screen. More and more people will automatically pay attention to it.


OOH or Out of Home Advertising, this one uses a strategic location. For example, in store windows or malls that are currently popular.

We must often look directly at various walls, escalators and any media that has the potential to be crowded. This is quite effective, because people who visit over time will be affected and in their subconscious will become familiar with the ad.

Therefore this installation seems to be annoying. But over time it becomes familiar in the memory of people who often see it indirectly.


OOH or Out of Home Advertising then uses various vehicles. We can use cars, buses or even trucks for promotional media.

As an identity when on a trip, people will recognize it. Do this on the type of business or promote your product.

Basically the vehicle will reach a much better audience. Because the distribution car will go to various faraway areas. While diving and drinking water, while sending orders as well as promoting.

We can illustrate this one proverb in this media. You can even partner with a bus company and then participate in advertising will effectively broadcast marketing.

Public Facilities

This OOH or Out of Home Advertising is present in various public facilities. For example at the bus stop, station or even at the airport. Using a place that is a public facility will give passers-by the opportunity to pay attention to it.

Especially in a public space to wait, people will tend to have time to read something. So take advantage of it by making it as attractive as possible, both in design and in the sentence.

Well after determining some of these media types. Consider by adjusting the target that you will target of course. For example among young people or adults and above.

All of this can improve promotions for the better in the future. Therefore, do not just choose it.

Looking for a Trusted Company

OOH or Out of Home Advertising is now getting wider choices. The companies or agencies that provide this media with various offers.

Make sure whether they will provide an attractive design and appearance for us. Look for companies that offer strategic locations at the best prices.

Because sometimes if we don’t discuss it from the start, it will harm one party. For example, the price suddenly went up because there was no agreement from the start.

Communicate the design you would like to install. Try to confirm the design before it is installed and cause dissatisfaction.

The more this media gets a strategic and crowded location, the more effective it will be. In attracting the attention of passers-by either directly or indirectly.

OOH or Out of Home Advertising is a promising medium. Don’t miss this one medium.