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Out of Home Advertising or OOH, Getting Effective Promotion Award

Out of Home Advertising or OOH, Getting Effective Promotion Award

30 Jun 2021

Out of Home Advertising becomes extraordinary campaign to bring the award. The first time by Caught was the CBC form that connected digital screens and became the Billboard format.

With the ability that can not be doubted. Digital works are seamlessly able to show real character and even now the campaign various animated films.

Like Toy Story 4 and Disney’s Onward animated film. Won the award as a Large Format Digital Billboard from the AdClub Awards.

The development of the progress of this era is truly amazing and is getting faster. It is undeniable that everything is becoming more and more practical and efficient.

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Out of Home Advertising or OOH

So what is OOH? We certainly often do not pay attention to various types of advertising or advertising in various types of forms or products.

Now the target of this one ad is audin or those who are outside the house. Maybe on the move, on a trip and such.

Commonly referred to as outdoor advertising or being outside the house. With the target “on the go” means that it is moving with a flexible tendency.

What we can benefit from this type of advertising in all businesses. To introduce the brand to the wider community.

Examples of Types of Out of Home Advertising

OOH itself has various types that clients can choose. With the same value and aim outdoors with the target audience of passers-by.

This type has some of the most popular. Usually installed in public spaces with a clear target crowd that will benefit the promotion.


The first obvious type would have been we could have guessed or at least encountered. When we are on major roads, we must have often even seen various large rectangular box-shaped billboards.

This media is the most famous and effective for product promotion or an event. Not infrequently public service advertisements are displayed clearly and attract the attention of road users.

Usually by displaying striking visuals that will attract the audience. We are made to want it or not automatically see it and stare curiously.

As technology develops, even now the addition of LEDs for advertising is increasingly diverse. From what started as static, now it has begun to show definite development.

Retail Advertising

Out of Home Advertising of this type is also no less popular than before. Using places or facilities that have the potential for crowds and become the center of attention.

For example, various advertisements that are in public facilities. We may often see it when we are in a place of study, attached to doors, escalators, walls and others.

We can easily read or pay attention to it by passing. This may seem trivial, but over time when we see it often the brain will record the memory.

Indirectly this will be a good traffic for a brand. When we see the brand, we will recall the memory that in mall A or B there is a similar advertisement.

Like experiencing the subconscious that brings curiosity. Sometimes people will voluntarily find out the brand themselves.

Vehicle Advertising

The third most popular Out of Home Advertising is also considered effective. Because it aims at an audience who is outside the house or the street.

We must often see this type of advertisement, usually attached to a vehicle. Some food products even clearly provide logos and even full designs on delivery box cars.

This would be a good marketing strategy even though it is quite limited in one route. In addition to products in several types of institutions, even education uses this method.

Cars belonging to a school service usually have an image design that includes the name. This will make people immediately remember a school that displays the branding.

We are used to paying attention to various cars with this special sticker, right? Even as a small example, taxi or online motorcycle taxi services on helmets and jackets.

Advantages of Using Out of Home Advertising

Many people often question how effective this type of advertising is. Yet unconsciously we ourselves are often affected by it.

Brand Awareness

The thing that is most noticeable is the increase in brand awareness. If you use this type, it will automatically introduce a wider brand.

Especially if you choose a busy strategic location. With visuals and attractive designs will make passing motorists at least look.


Using this type will help us promote effectively. People who take turns will make the promotion reach wider.

We can imagine for ourselves in an hour how many people pass by. We can figure this out ourselves, right?

When the target market expands automatically the brand will be more famous. So this makes the promotion run well.

This type of advertisement is often installed on major highways. With busy road users every day, we can also see overseas users using the same thing, New York’s Time Square for example.

Out of Home Advertising can be an effective promotional solution option. So do you have a clearer picture of this one ad?