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Specifications of Videotron or LED Digital Banner for Advertising Promotion

Specifications of Videotron or LED Digital Banner for Advertising Promotion

2 Dec 2019

The specifications of Videotron / Digital Banner or commonly known as LEDs have a significant influence on the owner and the needs of the client in order to display maximum image quality. As you know in this decade, the development of LED Videotron in Indonesia has gone pretty fast. Especially in big cities like LED or Videotron in Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Makassar, Semarang and others. As in the previous article, MediaMove currently has LED Videotron in Makassar and Bogor (Click here to read the Article! Makassar / Bogor).

mediamove Example LED Picture

In general, videotron is divided into 3 needs such as outdoor, indoor, and rental. For this type of LED with the needs in the room or indoor, usually using a pixel that is more dense. Starting from 4mm density until the latest one now reaches 1.5mm between pixels. But for the outdoors or outdoor density starts from 6mm upwards. Actually between the two that distinguish only in pixel density and screen brightness. It is certain that outdoor LEDs have a higher screen brightness compared to indoor LEDs. Then what is LED Rental? These LEDs are intended to be used for loading and unloading and are often used for events.

With the fast development in this advertising media, it seems that business people in Indonesia have begun to glance at LED Videotron as a promotional media and new tools for advertising especially in Jakarta. Besides being more powerful because it is able to display moving image and video content. The sharpness of the resolution of Videotron is also a separate consideration. With the quality of good content supported by high-resolution screens, of course, will greatly affect the success rate of advertising to capture consumers. In addition, if the LED is combined with a CMS that is able to schedule content, it will be a benefit for them.

mediamoveExample Picture an LED Display

The benefits we get when we broadcast or promote campaigns and brands through Videotron include saving time. Using a digital signane CMS with Videotron LED will greatly help the owner to organize and manage the content to be added to the LED screen. Of course this will save time for content display. Then Videotron is also very attractive to attract the attention of the audience. From an attractive point of view, LED videotron is far superior to billboards. Its dynamic content can be the center of attention for the target audience. In addition, LEDs are an attractive long-term investment. The durability capability of LED videtrons that can last up to 10 years is an attractive long-term investment.

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