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Strategic Billboard Locations Inside Toll Roads and Their Benefits

Strategic Billboard Locations Inside Toll Roads and Their Benefits

26 Oct 2023

In the world of driving, especially on toll roads, billboards are an inseparable element. Billboards are one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. The impact they have on promoting a brand or product becomes even greater when you understand the strategic locations of billboards inside toll roads.

3 Strategic Billboard Locations Inside Toll Roads

Toll roads have long played a crucial role as public facilities, connecting one area to another, facilitating the journey of vehicle users to their destinations. However, the existence of toll roads goes beyond just facilitating mobility.

You can leverage toll roads for business purposes by placing outdoor advertisements such as billboards. Installing billboards on toll roads has a significant influence in building a brand, marketing products, and enhancing a company’s image.

To maximize the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, you need to select strategic toll road locations. Here are some recommended strategic billboard locations inside toll roads to consider:

1. Alongside Toll Roads and Above Roads

The sides of toll roads and above roads are strategic billboard placement locations. These locations are on main roads and have relatively heavy traffic flow. The number of vehicles passing through these main roads can exceed 23,000, making them ideal for billboard placement.

2. Toll Booths, Entrance and Exit Points

Toll booths are typically located at the ends of toll roads or in major cities. They serve the purpose of regulating traffic flow on toll roads and collecting fees from drivers entering or exiting the toll road.

As the first and last point of interaction, placing billboards near toll booths can capture significant attention. Toll road users’ gaze will be immediately drawn to the billboards. Even while waiting in line to enter the toll road, they will have the opportunity to read the advertising information displayed on the billboards, making productive use of their downtime.

4. Rest Areas

Another strategic billboard location inside toll roads is at rest areas. Rest areas are locations along toll roads where drivers can take a break.

Typically, rest areas are equipped with restrooms, dining facilities, and parking spaces. As stopping points, rest areas are often filled with toll road users, providing a greater opportunity for billboard advertising to be seen by a larger audience.

Benefits of Using Strategic Billboard Locations on Toll Roads

Some individuals or companies may doubt the effectiveness of billboard advertising on toll roads. On the contrary, choosing strategic locations offers numerous benefits, as outlined below.

5. Center of Attention

Billboards strategically positioned along the sides of toll roads, at toll booths, and rest areas ensure a large and constantly visible presence, capturing the attention of passersby. While people have the ability to ignore online ads or change channels when TV ads are shown, they cannot avoid seeing billboards throughout the day.

7. Continuous and Effective Promotion

You can spend a significant amount on radio or TV advertising, but it only guarantees a few airings per day. In contrast, billboards work 24/7.

Customers may only see a brand or service once or twice through other media, but billboards provide repetitive exposure as people pass by continuously. Although the message may be shorter compared to other forms of advertising, it has a stronger recall value because it is ever-present, regardless of the time.

1. Tailored Location Strategy

When it comes to billboards, location choice is crucial. You have full control in selecting suitable locations to convey your message. Utilize strategic billboard locations on toll roads to target specific customer segments.

2. Building Brand Awareness

Billboards may not directly result in instant responses like directing customers to a website or driving them to visit a store. However, billboards have a powerful ability to build brand awareness.

Most people see the same billboards multiple times on toll roads. This can create a strong memory associated with the brand and the company behind it, resulting in a lasting impression.

A well-designed and memorable billboard offers the best chance for potential customers to understand the business and make it a long-lasting memory.

3. Reaching a Diverse Customer Base

The use of billboards enables companies to reach a large number of customers through a single advertising approach. Instead of requiring additional efforts and costs to identify and target specific customer groups, toll road billboards allow you to reach a wide general population.

Additionally, billboards proactively bring customers to you, saving the time and advertising budget that would otherwise be spent trying to reach potential customers. This is especially advantageous for businesses with a service range that involves various demographics. Moreover, leveraging strategic billboard locations inside toll roads also helps reach customers who might unexpectedly be interested in your company.