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The Effectiveness of Outdoor Advertising Media Ranging From Reach to Impact

The Effectiveness of Outdoor Advertising Media Ranging From Reach to Impact

24 Jan 2023

Digital marketing technology is developing very rapidly. Even so, it has not been able to completely shift the role of outside advertising media. The effectiveness of outside advertising media has a big influence.

One of its uniqueness and advantages is being able to convey messages briefly but effectively. In addition, the use of an aesthetic and elegant design will further attract the interest of the audience.

The Effectiveness of Outside Advertising Media Makes Great Impact

Currently, social media is a very popular digital marketing medium. This makes conventional media as a means of communication with audiences or consumers increasingly shifting.

Moreover, nowadays the development of algorithm technology is increasing rapidly. As a result, business owners or business people get an easier method of reaching consumers.

Advertising through social media is easier, faster, and cheaper. Not surprisingly, businesses that initially offer their products or services offline are now switching to online marketing.

Even so, the effectiveness of outdoor advertising media or outdoor advertising has not decreased. On the contrary, it just got stronger.

One of the reasons is that road users are increasing every day. This is a very good opportunity to use outside media in advertising.

Most people spend more time outdoors, such as going to the office, walking, shopping, and so on. People who do outdoor activities will see and pay attention to outdoor advertising.

High mobility and people crowding the streets make outdoor advertising still very effective in helping market awareness. In addition, we can see the effectiveness of outdoor advertising from various other important aspects. The following is the presentation.

1. Reach

We can see how much the effectiveness of outside advertising media is from its reach. Outside advertising media is local.

What does it mean? Only reach around the advertising media.

When people travel, not a few of them only pass one road. In addition, it also does not change other road routes because it is faster, and there are no distractions such as traffic jams.

Road users will see and focus on advertisements displayed on every corner and roadside. Because you pass this road almost every day, you will most likely always see the ads being displayed.

2. Continuity

Outside media advertising has a close and interrelated relationship between media and advertising messages and advertising strategies. The location of the outside advertising media is attached to the target or target of the advertisement and is also sustainable.

3. Frequency

Frequency is a repetition of advertising messages targeted at the wider community. Especially the repetition of advertising messages that have been forgotten.

By using outside advertising media, the frequency will turn into repetition. That is repetition in viewing the same advertising message when people still remember the advertising message. This makes the advertising message stronger in people’s memory.

4. Influence

The effectiveness of outside advertising media has a considerable influence on society. Moreover, if the external advertising media is delivered creatively, it contains messages that are short and easy to understand.

People who drive don’t have much time to read. For this reason, it’s good if it displays the right message and design. That way, it can help people remember even at one glance.

5. Size

Outside advertising media such as billboards have a large size. This makes it stand out and be the center of attention.

With its large size, it makes people who see it more confident about the advertisement and the brand. In another sense, the brand will look bona fide.

6. Color

It is better if the color arrangement on outside advertising media is by the content of the message being conveyed. The arrangement of the right color can have a strong impact. Because of this effectiveness, outdoor advertising is perfect for introducing new products or services.

Examples of Outside Advertising Media

To see in more detail the effectiveness of external advertising media, here are some implementations of external advertising media.

HBO Original

In promoting the film “House of the Dragon”, one of the OOH companies in Brazil, through the neon box media which is illustrated melting because there is a fire dragon, which becomes a message to the audience.


Brilliant billboard ads for removing blemishes! Billboards were placed on the runway so passengers could see the smudges disappear as the plane took off.


Outside advertising media with ideas like this are amazing. Besides being smart, it is also based on simplicity. Able to build extraordinary communication, easy to understand and still very creative.