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The Famous K-Pop Idol Fan Girl Billboards in Bekasi

The Famous K-Pop Idol Fan Girl Billboards in Bekasi

11 Oct 2019

Being a fan of someone is a right that can’t be questioned. Something that happened recently, a girl who idolized a Korean artist named Minhyuk wanted to get viral through the media of billboards in this Bekasi area. Her love for the idol is not a mistake, especially if it can motivate her to become a much better person. Because of her love for Korean artists, she is willing to take extraordinary action beyond the common sense of many people. Yes, this K-Pop girl Oppa Minhyuk fan is displaying her passionate photo on a street billboard in the Bekasi area, West Java, which became Viral. Quoted from her personal twitter account @ elvira_irena wrote

** PLEASE TWITTER DO YOUR MAGIC ** please, help make it my billboard famous so I got attention from my Oppa.. Dear Minhyuk Oppa, I’m from Indonesia notice me please !!

It turns out that it gets a pretty good response from both K-pop circles or media friends who helped make the Billboard famous. Need great confidence, of course, to be able to do this action. She did not even hesitate to share photos of herself with a cute style. Especially with the sentence she wrote on the billboard inviting questions as well as laughter.

billboard bekasi viral

Action this K-Pop girl known as Elvira was then viral on social media. Until this news was published on the famous news page in Indonesia. There are already up to 12 thousand netizens who have reshared their tweets and liked up to 11 thousand netizens. Not a small number and this indicates the billboard is already known to many people. When viewed in the comments column, netizens explained that the existence this unique billboard was in an area near Bekasi . We can see, the design of this viral billboard is ‘perfunctory’.

Yes, not a professionally made billboard. Even so, many netizens actually like it because of the K-Pop girl’s self-esteem. With the inscription “#BekasiPride #GarisKeras #PantangDrop #BeforeDinotis I Love Korea. Minhyuk Oppa, Notice Me Please! Don’t forget follow back (Twitter logo) I’m @elvira_irena. ”Meanwhile, in front of the billboard stands the figure of the girl who owns the billboard. She also looked the same as the picture with the pose she displayed was similar to the picture. So cute!

Knowing that there are Korean lovers who are very intent, netizens are busy appreciating Elvira’s actions to become viral. If you look at the comments column many ask about the price of installation costs and how to rent related to the billboard. And of course mediamove ready to answer these questions, so if you want the same viral performed well with Elvira? Do not hesitate to directly contact mediamove. We are ready to prepare a billboard with a strategic place for you to appreciate your work for your idol through outdoor advertising, what are you waiting for, please contact us immediately !!