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The Importance of Brand Awareness For Business and How to Increase It

The Importance of Brand Awareness For Business and How to Increase It

25 Oct 2021

It is important to build brand awareness and become a long-term investment. This relates to the familiar feeling that customers have for a product or service.

Brand awareness is the ability of consumers to recognize and remember a brand. The impact of this brand awareness is critical to business success.

The Importance of Brand Awareness and How to Increase It

Basically the concept of brand awareness is quite abstract. Evaluating how much customers are aware of the brand is indeed quite difficult to do. However, this does not mean that there is no need for handling and improvement.

This brand awareness can influence consumers to buy products for services. Furthermore, make consumers make purchases.

This is what is used as a measure of the performance of a brand to customers.

This awareness is not just to increase the purchasing power of customers. but rather to the trust and loyalty of consumers to a product of your business.

Therefore, it is important to know the level of awareness that business brands need to go through, namely:

First, unaware of the brand or the first level that must be passed where consumers are still foreign and not aware of the value or existence of the brand.

Second, brand awareness here is the ability of consumers to recognize a product when viewing or brand recognition. Generally recognize after seeing the brand, slogan, product visuals, and identity colors that have been used.

Furthermore, brand recall or unaided recall. This level refers to the ability of consumers to remember brands based on product categories.

Consumers simply hear the product category or glance at the product to remember it. Consumers have a pretty close memory of your brand.

The last is top of mind awareness or refers to a particular brand that first appears in the minds of consumers. These consumers think of product categories and are remembered spontaneously without any help.

An example at this level is AQUA. Almost everyone associates this brand when buying bottled mineral water products. Meanwhile, to reach this highest level, it requires great effort and in a long time.

How to Increase Brand Awareness with OOH

To increase this awareness, it is necessary to have the right strategy in increasing and accelerating consumer brand awareness effectively. There are many ways or promotional strategies that can be with conventional advertising.

These ads are generally hard selling with conventional media in the form of billboards, billboards and many more.

These ads are able to expose a broad audience and become a mainstay in creating and increasing brand awareness. One of the best strategies that need to be implemented is with OOH or Out of Home.

One of the media that creates opportunities for brands to be able to physically present themselves in the same environment as customers or consumers.

This is brand awareness to open up more avenues for brands or products to interact closely with them.

OOH is designed to attract an audience, so advertisers need to realize the important role of OOH in the consumer buying flow.

This can be done with an OOH campaign and become part of an omni channel strategy. There are great opportunities for consumers to explore more than one sales channel in the form of e-commerce, physical stores, and social media before consumers buy them.

The benefits of this outdoor advertising media provide an opportunity for advertisers to synergize brand campaigns between online platforms and OOH. So get insight into the retargeting of the audience.

First the OOH placement is quite prominent in a busy location. Efforts to connect brands with audiences in outdoor routines on a daily basis.

For example, Pegipegi’s exclusive branding at Medan Kualanamu Airport. It is this high visibility part that generates brand awareness and makes the audience potential buyers.

Both consumers themselves expect big brands to advertise with OOH media. The brand comes with the main media related to premium brand quality and image.

Campaigns on the OOH platform give a brand value prestige as well as trust for the consumer perspective itself.

Third, OOH is the dominant medium that influences consumers in a short time or 30 minutes before making a purchase.

Usually this branding is more in restaurants that display brand awareness for quick purchases and provide useful information.

Winning moments from the consumer shopping path becomes important in influencing customer decisions. Consumers themselves feel that OOH ads located near shopping places are very effective.

Fourth with dynamic OOH campaigns that provide unlimited benefits for advertisers. It explores their advertising creativity to drive audience engagement.

For example, the Tokopedia OOH advertisement at Soekarno Hatta airport and Medan Kualanamu airport. Let’s create a strong brand presence with outdoor advertising with an OOH campaign.

Regardless of the type of business you run, you can increase brand awareness at all digital and static OOH advertising points, from road billboards to LCD screen rows, airport area lightboxes, ferry terminals and much more.