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The Magical Billboard of Asian Securities Attaches to New York’s Times Square

The Magical Billboard of Asian Securities Attaches to New York’s Times Square

29 Sep 2021

Ajaib Sekuritas Asia is an online securities company that once collaborated with actor Kim Seon Ho in the drama Startup on Netflix. The actor was chosen to be the Brand Ambassador because the character he played in Start up was considered to have inspired Indonesian millennials.

Ajaib is one of the largest online stock investment platforms in Indonesia and is registered with the Financial Services Authority or OJK. Magic is now plastered almost everywhere and is turning blue all over to New York’s Times Square.

The Best Asian Securities Magic Branding Monorail Pillar

There are 14 monorail pillars neatly installed and emitting a blue color showing the Magic branding.

Every street of Asia-Africa is full of light and radiance. Magic Sekuritas Asia’s tone color is synonymous with blue. The branding advertisements are installed for up to two months.

Ajaib has been registered as one of the top 15 startups in Indonesia. Of course this is the most proud achievement.

Considering the struggle in developing takes a long time. Ajaib looks ahead and sets a vision of what it will contribute to the growth of Indonesian Finance.

Currently, there is an investment trend in both mutual funds and stocks, especially among young Indonesians. In fact, it is not uncommon for discussions to appear on various social media and the internet, which are considered a source of high demand for investment.

With the existence of a magic that is one of the managers of mutual fund investments, and stocks are a topic that is discussed by many people.

Because Ajaib Sekuritas Asia itself has started to jump in and transfer its branding since the last few months.

He even appeared several times on social media and became a favorite among young people who really intend to invest in the world.

Ajaib is an application that really helps its users to invest online, both mutual funds and stocks.

Especially beginners, they provide opportunities for beginners to develop themselves in the investment world easily. So that they can be helped until they are proficient.

Ajaib Sekuritas Asia serves customers with the best service and is highly committed. Ajaib CEO Anderson Sumarli is very proud to present Ajaib as the best stock trading platform that has become Indonesia’s Top.

Being one of the listed on IDX and OJK is the basis for users’ trust to use Magic for the best partner in investment.

Branding with Brand Ambassador Kim Seon Ho and the Senayan Monorail Pillar to Times Square New York

Through his Instagram account @ajaib_investasi shows Kim Seon Ho as a brand ambassador. This is because CEO Anderson Magic was inspired by the character of Han Ji Pyeong who is so good at investing.

So this collaboration surprised Kim Seon Ho’s fans in Indonesia. The reason is that this actor is one of the most liked by Indonesian young people.

The CEO himself revealed that the character of the actor is the right person to represent that success and financial independence can be achieved at a young age with Ajaib Sekuritas Asia.

The millennial youths welcomed them happily and couldn’t wait to take part in the events they held.

From this, Ajaib is increasingly promoting the new Brand Ambassador on various social media.

Initially, Ajaib used external media in the form of a former monorail pole in the Gelora Bung Karno Senayan area.

So Magical Securities Asia is becoming increasingly viral, especially the fans of Kim Seon Ho who are so quick to share information on their social media. This is an added value so that the Ajaib Investasi application becomes more widely known.

The installation of visual advertisements was stopped several times due to heavy rains that flushed the city of Jakarta.

In terms of choosing this monorail pillar billboard as an advertising medium, Magic is the right choice. The location is also very strategic and in accordance with the demographics and targeted.

Magic is a financial platform that appears on the New York Times Square billboard. An Indonesian stock investment platform that has succeeded in achieving proud achievements in the investment sector. Just to note, Ajaib has 1,032,822 active investors.

Ajaib itself has a vision to become a national securities company that participates in developing the Indonesian Capital Market to a global level. Ajaib provides easy and affordable access to its investors’ favorite stocks.

Now the Ajaib Sekuritas Asia company is trying to spread its wings to foreign countries and is starting to introduce mutual fund and stock investment companies to America.

The Square is one of the most famous places in New York. Its beauty is because of the sparkle of billboards that display various brands, both famous figures and products.

The Indonesian people were also amazed by the local brand, Ajaib, which was successfully displayed on the Times Square billboard.

Source : Linkedin Anderson Sumarli

Rows of advertisements that stand in Times Square are numerous and anything that is displayed there is considered very prestigious.

By developing promotions through the best billboards, Ajaib Sekuritas Asia continues to spread its wings and is known to many people abroad. This is a matter of pride.