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The Old Kopaja Conversion Program to Kopaja AC

The Old Kopaja Conversion Program to Kopaja AC

11 Feb 2019

It starts when we were contacted by Kopaja, and they inform us for being partnership in terms of procuring hundreds of units Kopaja, would be converted into AC Kopaja by involving financing subsidies from advertisements installed. We are excited to be involved in this project especially after meeting directly with the Kopaja cooperative management and getting information that this program would help many Kopaja transport entrepreneurs. At that time, as we know that Kopaja had a lot of units that had been too old or not well-maintained.


At the first staged we had to take risks, because the ‘old and and unfit for use Kopaja’ image Kopaja by the client, and the advertisements that had been installed so far for the lower class, as well as the reckless behavior of the driver. But thank God, our client finally entrust our offer about rebranding Kopaja Vehicles from the old one into the modern public transport. At that time advertise in Kopaja has become the most attractive mobile advertising media in Jakarta and can bring in clients who can automatically help Kopaja owners who are actually transport entrepreneurs to get income from rental advertisements.