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Things that You Have Pay Attention on Outdoor Advertising

Things that You Have Pay Attention on Outdoor Advertising

21 Jan 2019

In Branding world is commonly about the outdoor advertising. Like billboards, neon boxes, neon signs , even the current trend like videotron. Outdoor advertising is used as media to promote their brands to customers or prospective buyers. However, in outdoor advertising there are several things that need to be considered. For fulfilling their goals target to get customers and prospective buyers.

MediaMove has summarize things that you need to pay attention on outdoor advertising

1) Location close to public facilities

Public facilities is the best place to put an ads. It is caused by the potential of the ads see by the audience is greater than any other places, especially in big city which has many public facilities. The public facilities we talked about is like bus shelter, toll road, city hall, airport, station, etc.

The ads placement close to public facilities is easily to remember and attracts the consumers attention than with audio. Shandy D Fernandi in the article explained, it happen because images and visuals convey the easiest to remember. Shandy added that the trend in urban communities in 5 out of 10 people or around 47 percent always see outdoor advertising. MediaMove as a Billboard & Media Placement company certainly has several premium spots and close to public advice such as campuses, office buildings, and at several crossing bridge points.

2) Community Mobility Level

High community mobility especially in urban areas such as Jabodetabek is potentially to be targeted by outdoor advertiser. Quoted from, a study conducted by the lecturer of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Communication and Business, Telkom University. To find out which popular media would be more glimpsed by the public. The research team distributed questionnaires to 353 respondents whose instruments were distributed through the Google Form feature throughout May 2018.

Urban communities, especially in Jakarta and its surroundings are known for their high levels of mobility, of course it can be used to advertise your brand in several areas of public transportation. MediaMove also provides transit ads for your brands that want to be promoted in transit places, such as airports, bus and train branding.

3) Road Users Profile

Road users are our main target of our ads, and sure we have to know about the profile road users are alike? Still in the survey conducted coils, the respondents were adolescents aged 17-21 years or dominated by high school students, getting information from outdoor print media received the biggest response, namely 32.6 percent. As for social media 22.7 percent, internet 15.8 percent, electronic media 20 percent, and print media 8.9 percent.

This is certainly very interesting fact, because in the era of technology, it turns out that outdoor media is still superior in attracting public attention. In placing advertisements, you have to know who your targeted ad is. Because, knowing the audience will make it easier to choose the location of the ad. MediaMove’s CEO with more than 10 years of experience in Bisnis Out-of-Home Advertising in Indonesia certainly can help you find out the profile of road users around the MediaMove ad spots.