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This Housing Billboard Ad Is Anti-Mainstream

This Housing Billboard Ad Is Anti-Mainstream

10 Jan 2021

Anti-Mainstream Billboard Ads. Source:

Unlike the usual residential billboard advertisements, the design of this residential billboard ad looks like a chat between customers and sales. This anti-mainstream ad design has managed to steal the attention of the local community and netizens who see it.

If the residential billboard ad design usually features complete house specifications, pictures of houses with various points of view along with elegant advertising styles, this ad displays a simple design like chatting between customers and housing sales, but who would have thought this design would be a differentiator and unique in the eye’s society and netizens.

This billboard ad uploaded by the @carajualan Instagram account who reach six thousand likes with appreciated comments. Through the comments, it is also known from the @tryadmadja account which wrote that the location of this billboard ad is in Jaten, Karanganyar, Central Java.

During sluggish outdoor advertising due to the pandemic which requires people to be active indoors, billboard advertisements must be required to be unique and attract attention so that people are still seen and discussed. Some outdoor advertisements have managed to get extraordinary impressions due to being a conversation on social media because of their unique designs that make them curious.

As seen in the picture, the advertisement is placed on a double-sided billboard (front and back) with a different version of the design. There is a design for Point of View Chat as customer, but behind it is also a design for Point of View Chat as sales.

Even though it seems simple, the contents of the chat still include the core of the advertising message such as the name of the housing to be marketed, the appearance of the house, the main promo given (0% installments, no interest, 0% advance) to stickers in the form of directions.

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Misperception Billboard Ads. Source:

An ad with a design like this is not the first time it has been implemented. Not a few also several brands have used the concept of billboard advertising like this. Even a few years ago, an apartment property also used an advertising concept like this, but this ad was criticized by netizens because there were details that were missing.

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with it, but if you look closely, there are irregularities in the billboard ad design. Because the chat design shows the sender, not the recipient. However, the expression of the man in the ad was surprised by the message he sent himself.

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