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Understanding Advertising Broadly

Understanding Advertising Broadly

20 Jun 2019

What is the actual intention of the ad? What is meant by advertising is a form of information carried by a person, agency / institution, or company, that the contents of a compelling message about a product or service dedicated to the public or the public. MediaMove is one of hundreds of outdoor advertising companies that provide services to agencies or institutions that want to pair their advertisements on media such as billboards. The purpose and objective of advertising is to persuade / encourage people to become interested in using the products / services offered.

Usually ads placed in various media in order to be seen by many people, both the media offline and online media. In general, information about the form of advertising a product or service, company, brand, and more, to compensate for a fee. All communication in the form of ad aims to entice or persuade others to buy or do something that benefits the advertisers. The purpose of the advertisement is broadly to persuade or encourage others to become interested in using a product / service.

An advertisement is not possible if it does not benefit the advertiser. And in general there are some benefits of advertising that can be obtained by the advertiser, such as the product or service being advertised will be known or well-known in the wider community. New consumers increasingly thereby increasing sales of products / services advertised so that the benefit of the advertisers will increase due to sales of the product / service being advertised. Increase brand awareness of a brand in the wider community so that people easily identify their products.

Then the actual appearance of advertisements didn’t just happen. In order for an advertisement to be said to be good, it must contain the conditions that must be fulfilled. Such advertisements must be objective, proportionate and honest. Ads must contain information that is clear, solid, and easily understood by the general public and advertisements should be packaged in such a way as to attract the attention and interest of the public. And things that are sensitive to advertisements should not offend, hurt or demean other parties / products.

Type and Various Kinds of Ads

There are many kinds of advertisements that we can see so far. The following describes the types of ads based on the content, media, and the nature of the ad:
A. Type of Ad Based on Content

1. Ad Notice (announcement)

This type of advertising is aimed to draw attention to specific audiences through an information or notification. Examples of notification ads:

  • News of grief
  • Advertising school alumni reunion

2. Offer Ads (Commerce)

This type of advertisement aims to offer goods or services to the general public. Example ad deals:

  • Advertising of product / product offers, such as bags, shoes, smartphones, and others.
    • Service offer advertisements, such as courier services, alternative medical services, and others.

3. Community Service Ads

This type of advertising is aimed to inform and enlighten the public about an issue or a particular thing. Public service advertisements are made by government institutions or agencies or non-profit organizations.

B. Types of Ads Based on Media Used

1. Print Ads

This type of advertisement is installed on media that uses printing techniques, both in the form of lasers, screen printing, letterpress, and others. Examples of print ads we often see in newspapers, magazines, tabloids, posters, stickers, and so forth.

2. Electronic Advertising

This type of advertising utilizes media based on electronic devices such as radio, television, film, and interactive digital media (internet). Here are some of these electronic advertisements:

  • Radio advertising: radio ads can only be heard because the form is only audio (audio). Examples of radio ads are Ad-lib, Spot, and Program Sponsors.
  • Television advertising: television advertisements have elements of sound, image, motion, and text, making them more attractive to the audience. Some examples of television advertisements are Live Action, Animation, Stop Action, Music, Program Sponsor, Running Text, Backdrop, Credit Title, Ad-lib, Promo Ad, and Superimposed.
  • Movie advertising: movie advertisements can be seen when we see a movie / cinema. Usually ads run before the film starts where the form of advertising is live action, and endorsement.
    • Interactive digital media advertising: this type of adverts are shown in various online media with many visitors. Some types of advertisements in digital media include Banner & Button, Website, Sponsorship, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Classified Ads, Social Media Marketing, and others.
  • Outdoor advertising: this type of advertisement is an electronic advertisement that is outdoors and its position looks public. Some examples of this outdoor advertising are transit advertisements, mobile billboards, standard outdoor, LEDs, and others.