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Unique, this MRT Station is Transformed into Ambient Ads

Unique, this MRT Station is Transformed into Ambient Ads

21 Feb 2021

A new photo spot at the Istora Senayan MRT Station. Source:

Many ways can be done to attract the attention of MRT users to see the advertisements that have been installed. Bank Mandiri uses the Istora Mandiri MRT station wall as an educational and attractive advertising facility. Ambient Ads are very effective in attracting people’s attention to be focused and interact with advertisements.

The hectic atmosphere of the morning and evening at the MRT station cannot be denied, especially at stations located near offices. Therefore, creative advertising is needed to turn the attention of MRT users to the advertisements that are posted.

The MRT station itself has been a medium for advertising for brands for more than two years. Utilizing the interior of the station building as a means of advertising can increase revenue for MRT operators. In fact, MRT’s revenue is large thanks to the advertisements that are installed.

Advertisement Does not Pass Compass Censorship at MRT Station. Source:

Previously, the Compass brand had succeeded in creating creative advertisements by yellowing several stations and series of MRT trains with the phrase “This Ad Does Not Pass Censorship”. It made many people curious, as a result the ad was viral and was reported in various media. Several days ago, Bank Mandiri did something similar by promoting the concept of ambient ads.

At first glance, ambient ads are outdoor advertising carried with a different concept (unusual media) from other outdoor advertising categories. Ambient ads are very close together and provoke an atmosphere around the ad placement with the ad’s target audience itself. The goal is that the delivery of advertising messages is unique, closer, and easier for the target audience to remember.

Ambient ads seem like “hidden” ads as well as out of the box ads, so that the target audience feels they are not exposed to the advertising message even though they are involved and exposed to the ad. For example, like what Bank Mandiri did at the Istora Mandiri MRT station, they took advantage of the MRT building walls (Wall Wraping) by displaying a few 3D paintings that could be used as photo spots for visitors.

Bank Mandiri 3D Painting at MRT Station. Source:

There is even a point (signage) to take a photo so that the resulting photo looks good and proportional. Beside the 3D painting, there is a sentence cut and the Bank Mandiri logo branding. Visitors who are interested in this new photo spot and take pictures, have unwittingly interacted with the advertisement that has been created.

Ads carried out like this (Ambient Ads) will generate special appeal in the minds of the target audience. Ambient advertising builds interaction and leaves a memorable impression on the target audience. A few ambient ads have been very successful and are still remembered today even though they were advertised many years ago.



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