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Videotron Kujang Ornaments in Bogor City

Videotron Kujang Ornaments in Bogor City

31 Oct 2019

Bogor city or commonly known as the rainy city. Has a lot of charm attractive both in terms of cultural, culinary, even tourist attractions. Its location which is not far from the capital city of Jakarta makes the city of Bogor an attraction for tourists to stop by or take a vacation. So no wonder if the city of Bogor become a tourist destination, especially the citizens of Jakarta. Bogor City now has a trademark with the Bogor Botanical Gardens and Monument Cleaver in the next five years, will continue to grow. The city government continues to make new innovations both in the business, technology and urban spatial business and the beauty of the city. At the end of 2019 MediaMove was also given the trust and opportunity to participate in the arrangement of Bogor City. With the presence of totem for the runners and the establishment of Videotron ornaments cleaver.

Photo of Tugu Kujang

Videotron kujang ornaments and totem these runners will be in the heart of the city of Bogor or around paths SSA (System One Way) near Bogor Botanical Gardens. MediaMove as outdoor advertising companies see this opportunity as a further step to continue the CFA system (City Friendly Advertising). By watching the enthusiasm of the citizens of the city of Bogor who are fond of and love running around the Bogor botanical garden. Making MediaMove want to contribute in the planning of development in the City of Bogor. With the running totem that makes it easy or provides facilities for runners to do sports activities so much more fun. Including for LED on kujang ornament light is converted into Videotron Or Digital Banner constructed from RS. Siloam Bogor to Baranang Siang Terminal. Kujang including objects that characterize the typical city of Bogor and even the famous monument in Bogor also marks this heirloom Tugu Kujang.

Photo of Kujang Weapon

Weapon Kujang known by the people of West Java and become a unique weapon of the West Java area. With materials made of iron, steel and prestige material, whose length is about 20 to 25 cm with a weight of 300 grams. Kujang known as sacred objects that have magic powers, as well as a talisman. As an emblem of philosophical values contained in it, Kujang used as one of aesthetics in some lambing and government organizations. In the past kujang can not be separated from public life because of Sunda function as agricultural equipment.

Mockup Ornament Kujang LED

MediaMove sees that the cultural heritage of the Sundanese land should not just disappear in the minds of the people, especially the people of Bogor City. Later with the presence of Videotron, LED or Digital Banner in the form of Bogor Kujang ornament MediaMove also wants to take part in educating the public to see what the types of kujang are. There are dozens of forms and types of cleaver found in West Java, of course, this is very interesting. MediaMove in this opportunity to introduce and show the back of this type of media types through LED kujang Cleaver Bogor. With the addition of the concept of CFA, making this advertising media look much more attractive than advertising media in general. Curious about the specifications of this cleaver ornament? and want to market your ad in this unique media? contact us immediately and get special special prices for the end of this year.