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Viral, News Kim Seon Ho become Brand Ambassador Ajaib in Billboard Monorail

Viral, News Kim Seon Ho become Brand Ambassador Ajaib in Billboard Monorail

19 Apr 2021

Kim Seon Ho, who played Han Ji Pyeong in the Korean drama Start-Up, was reportedly chosen to be the brand ambassador of PT. Ajaib Sekuritas. It was known through his fanbase @crisp_v account on Twitter. In tweet, Monday (12/30/2020), he said that the CEO Anderson from Ajaib was inspired by the character of Han Ji Pyeong who is good at investing.

With the advent of Kim Seon Ho as brand ambassador, Anderson hoped milenials children in Indonesia can be inspired to start investing. This cooperation is planned to commence in early 2021 later. Through the @ajaib_investment Instagram account, this news was welcomed. Evident in his instastory filled with Kim Seon Ho. This news shocked fans then Kim Seon Ho in Indonesia. They welcomed it and can not wait to follow the events organized by Ajaib with Kim Seon Ho. The reason is, the character Han Ji-Pyeong is described as a successful young person even though he comes from an orphanage, and he achieved success with hard work and started investing from school.

Ajaib is also aggressively promoting their new Brand Ambassador in various media, including outdoor media. One thing that looks unique is in outdoor media which uses the ex monorail pole in the Gelora Bung Karno Senayan area which is owned by MediaMove. Being in a premium location in Jakarta undoubtedly made the news of the new Brand Ambassador of the Ajaib application viral, because many fans of Kim Seon Ho who happened to pass by, shared it on their social media.

Taking a Korean star as a Brand Ambassador is indeed a trend for major world brands and has proven to be very effective, because currently Korean Pop Culture has become a Global trend. Tokopedia has proven this by taking over the first Marketplace Position in Indonesia from Shopee in January 2021 with the contribution of their new brand Ambassador, mega K-Pop star, BTS. Fanatical, loyal, proud are the unique characteristics of their fans who bring their own positive effects to the brands represented.

MediaMove itself also has a unique experience with BTS fans. One of the members of a well-known boyband in Korea has even been abroad BTS for his birthday, Park Jimin or commonly known as Jimin. But this time mediamove itself got the opportunity to be involved in this Kpopers project which calls itself the Army (BTS fan club). Right on October 13, 2020, Jimin’s face was displayed at the Makassar CPI Roundabout and along Padjajaran Street, Bogor City with a happy birthday.

Not only that, these Army friends also held a few exciting events such as distributing snacks, postcards, and even credit prizes to enliven the atmosphere near the videotron location. But they still adhere to health protocols where they wear masks and keep their distance. This is even busy being discussed on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. The mediamove Instagram account is also busy receiving Instagram story tags that are mentioned from the army who are excited to see their idol appear in their city. Like a quote from twitter @wlcmtomagicshow “I got from jkt to bgr when it got to the rain, but when Jimin appeared everything felt tired.” This indicates the loyalty of fans who even come from outside the city are willing to come to Bogor City to see the videotron with the idol.

Not only that, in Makassar they were very happy when they saw their idol appear on the premium videotron at CPI near Losari beach. As quoted from Twitter @Tannies “Thank you @minkyungsa @forhacin for this beautiful ads. Even tho the sunlight burned us, we still cheered it up. “This indicates they are willing to be exposed to the hot and scorching sun to take pictures and see their idols. Not a few who screamed and felt happy when they saw this videotron.